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5 Drip Marketing Examples to Enhance your Email Strategy

Drip email marketing programs are a terrific way to experience the advantages of email marketing.

You’re at the correct spot to learn about drip email marketing.

We’ll go through drip marketing examples for email approach that may meet your marketing needs.

drip email marketing

Drip email marketing delivers emails to users who have completed (or not performed) a certain activity.

This method sends subscribers the right email depending on how they engage with your company. Instead of sending a broad email to your audience, deliver relevant information.

Your drip campaign’s automatic settings may be tailored to target various audiences.

When someone subscribes to your email list, you may send a welcome email. Subscribing triggers your drip campaign’s introductory material.

A drip email campaign may be timed.

Instead of waiting for a certain action, you may send emails to your audience hours or days afterwards.

Email drip programs are vital.

A drip campaign’s automation is handy, but its advantages make it an important email marketing technique. They help you engage existing consumers and nurture prospects interested in your product or service.

You may customize your drip campaign and determine which activities trigger an email. We’re all acquainted with purchase confirmation emails. “Thank you for your purchase!” and “Your purchase is on the way!” emails confirm payment and monitor orders.

Individualized emails that reply to a customer’s last interaction with your firm may help them go farther down the sales funnel.

Your clients don’t necessarily need to engage with your site to trigger a drip campaign. After a specific length of inactivity, you may send a client an email.

Let’s look at some email drip marketing samples that may match your marketing circumstance.

Emails introducing yourself

  1. Beek’s greeting

Beek sends a welcome email to new email list subscribers.

This email contains a Vanity Fair review, a link to their goods, and issues the firm supports.

Most crucial is background on the company’s founders. Readers want to know what businesses stand for, and putting this in their welcome email neatly explains them and what they provide.

AMC stubs

Stubs, AMC’s rewards program, sends a welcome email through a drip campaign.

Their welcome email provides cinema discounts and deals.

They explain how to download their app and the advantages of having incentives on hand.

You may also input your birthdate to get birthday gifts and incentives. Nothing like first-impression presents. AMC, bravo.

Drip campaigns or coffee?

Trade is a coffee website. Their welcome email drip campaign has a terrific design and tidy layout that promotes scrolling. Trade’s design shows what they’re about using coffee pictures and a clean slate.

They connect to their coffee and the roasters that provide it. In their introductory email, you may promote yourself as a coffee drinker.

They propose middle-of-the-road mixes and give a link to specify your coffee preferences. This firm wants to know who you are so they can better serve you.

Cart-abandonment emails

  1. 23andMe reminder

23andMe’s drip advertising reminds you to buy their DNA kit. This email reminds you to complete your purchase, whether you were too busy or unsure.

Giving users the option to rethink or continue will boost your company.

Adidas’ checkout reminder

Adidas cites a shortage of connectivity for abandoned carts.

Marketers shouldn’t blame customers. Adidas’ hilarious drip marketing makes them more approachable.

If you opened this email, you’d find it humorous knowing that your connection is OK and that you carelessly left your cart online. Adidas’s usage of user relationships drives checkout.


Many firms utilize drip marketing, but their purposes vary.

Analyze what you want your users to accomplish. A drip email marketing strategy may assist customers click a CTA to your product page, read a fresh blog, or buy what they left in their basket last week.