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The 6  Best Project Management Tools for Small Businesses

Small firm owners and workers commonly share project management duties.

Many small company workers, regardless of job title, do project management chores. Having tools to expedite and organize project management procedures, especially if they’re shared, may be useful.

We’ve compiled the top project management tools for small companies to help you enhance productivity and profitability.

Best small company project management tools to boost productivity today

Marketing and its strategy provide healthy, steady income flow.

Your marketing personnel will benefit from project management solutions that make their work simpler.

Many of our suggested solutions may improve internal communication between employees and departments to help build focused campaigns and track metrics and objectives more accurately.

Using these technological assistance puts you in good company with Dribble, Uber, CNET, and Kickstarter.

In compiling our list, we focused on small business-friendly characteristics like:

Easy functionality

Free or affordable choices



Let’s start with one of the most well-known apps, Evernote.

Evernote is a great program for ideas, documents, and processes.

You may save online ideas in neatly organized folders to spark creativity and idea development. You can also build and save templates inside the app to expedite your approach.

Their premium membership enables team storage, so any member may store and recover a project.

Anything new uploaded to your team’s area is shown in a “virtual bulletin board”

And corporations like Swiss multinational Migros realize its importance.

Migros wanted a team to maintain their marketing on pace with the food and restaurant business.

Using Evernote’s online, desktop, and smartphone applications, the team managed interviews and data from German, French, and Italian sources.

Each team member may contribute images, drawings, audio recordings, and schematics for instant access and accurate real-time data, keeping Migros’ marketing fresh.


Basecamp combines everything small companies need in one well-designed solution.

You can drag-and-drop papers, manage calendars, conduct real-time group conversations, and invite clients without a learning curve.

Plus, with tools like check-in, you may reduce meeting duration by asking team members simple questions weekly.

Groupon and Harvest are two companies that utilize Basecamp to keep their staff informed.


Trello’s visually-oriented “card” system allows marketing teams monitor project progress.

Boards can have whatever trigger events you want. An example:

Teams may easily build up separate project processes, and managers can quickly see project statuses from any department.

Drag-and-drop makes updating straightforward, and multi-tiered pricing ensures you don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Trello connects with Evernote, Slack, Jira, Google Drive, and more. National Geographic, Adobe, and British Red Cross utilize Trello.

  1. Laziness

Marketers will adore Slack’s user-friendly integrations.

Slack lets you handle email campaigns straight from your Slack command center using minimum keyboard instructions.

Slack can provide marketing professionals genuine control and sharing choices with their team, including performance analytics.

Slack helps marketing teams collaborate and track direction changes.

Conversations are automatically preserved and searchable for reference. Having a coherent place for team communication and cooperation helps solve challenges and share triumphs.

Slack’s clear, easily-integrated style makes it a top small-business project management solution.

NASA’s JPL, Zapier, Emma, Benefit Cosmetics, Autodesk, and more utilize Slack.

  1. Flow

Flow delivers a simple, elegant user experience (UX), sophisticated tracking, and integration.

Kanban boards let managers monitor projects, team tasks, resources, communicate, and interact with Slack.

As seen above, Flow lets marketing teams exchange project milestones for feedback. A campaign may be inspected, altered, and updated on-the-fly for speedier creation.

Here’s a marketing team’s workflow model plan for multiple goals:

Shopify, Bumble, and TED use Flow to remain organized.

6. Asana provides project managers with Kanban-style boards and other graphics to monitor their workflow.

The sample above illustrates the status of numerous projects at a glance, including which are on track, how near to completion, and their priority.

These indicators enable immediate re-assignment to prevent missing deadlines. Asana’s flexible price may be too much for smaller enterprises at $9.99 per user each month.

They provide a 30-day free trial so you can determine whether it’s worth it for your company. The NYT, Deloitte, Red Bull, and United Way utilize Asana.


After seeing what these attractive tools can achieve for your small company, select the one that fits your employees and business objectives.

Slack, Evernote, and Trello all provide free versions. You may upgrade if you require additional features or as your company grows.

Most of our other picks include a free trial period so you may test their functioning. Using a program to organize and simplify chores can save you money.

These project management powerhouses are among the finest for small businesses.

Why not try it risk-free and boost your small business’s success?