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3 Tips to Boost your Instagram Advertising Strategy

Since the ability to show promotional content on these platforms became accessible, social media advertising has rapidly gained in popularity. It’s become a trend where after you pop, the enjoyment doesn’t stop.

However, many digital marketers may be unaccustomed with developing these tailored adverts. There are several complications involved with these platforms, and it may be difficult to determine your return on investment. Having said that, the advantages of social advertising greatly exceed the drawbacks (as we’re sure you’re aware). Instagram is not an exception to this rule.

Every day, 500 million people visit Instagram. Every day, yes.

This extremely appealing platform immediately draws attention. Because of its visual appeal, it’s a simple platform for both consumers and companies to navigate. These features alone make it an excellent advertising platform, not to add the 500 million daily visitors.

Instagram advertising is on the rise, and it’s time to get on board.

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram debuted in 2010, and by 2013, Facebook had bought the famous social media network. Any skilled social media marketer recognizes the enormous advantages of Facebook advertisements. And that success simply translates to our image-centric platform.

There are several ways for marketers to take their businesses to the next level with aesthetically attractive marketing, ranging from standard posts to sponsored content, IG Stories, and more.

And, with 200 million people accessing at least one company profile every day, your brand has a very real opportunity to influence customers by marketing goods and services using photographs, videos, and even long-form material.

And, sure, it does sell.

In fact, Instagram’s mobile ad income reached over $7 billion in 2018. These figures will rise in 2019 and beyond.

Marketers, like its parent firm Facebook, may develop a wide range of material and target it properly. But one feature distinguishes Instagram from Facebook and other platforms: its sorting algorithm.

1. Improve your graphic design abilities

On Instagram, 80% of users follow at least one business account. Which is superior? 75% of consumers go to a website to find out more about a product or service they noticed on social media.

That signifies your brand has already reached your target audience. Customers prefer to follow businesses on social media, particularly Instagram.

They will, however, continue to track you to see what aesthetic assets you can bring to the table.

Yes, Instagram is all about appearances. So, when your audience is present and ready to ingest your material, make sure they remain around to engage with it. This implies you may need to make significant investments in your visual designs, or at the very least in your design expertise. Images, movies, photography, and graphics must be eye-catching and engaging to be promoted. A very clear design strategy must be in place for your designers, animators, and producers to follow.

People will be stopped in their tracks by your images. If your ad appears in a user’s feed who is unfamiliar with your business, you must capture their attention with eye-catching visuals and video. As simple as it seems, it requires time, patience, and imagination.

Finding the perfect visual medium to pique people’s attention is the first step in producing an Instagram ad. ONYGO is one business that excels at integrating eye-catching images in their commercials and overall Instagram approach.

The German fashion company entices viewers and leads them on a fantasy voyage that leads them to their website by using high-quality images, energetic films, and a clear color scheme. This visual skill quickly draws attention to the brand and positions it as a lively, flirtatious, and energetic leader in millennial fashion.

ONYG) visual mastery

2. Utilize hashtags

Hashtags are a low-maintenance approach to increase results quickly: Instagram posts containing at least one hashtag increase in interaction by 12.6%.

Hashtags are an important weapon in the armory of Instagram advertisers. Hashtags are designed to target certain groups, topics, and audiences. Some individuals spend their time looking for these hashtags, while others follow a certain hashtag in their main feed.

Advertisers may also target these hashtags in their advertising and posts. Check that your team is using hashtags in all of their postings. Every company has a sweet spot, but it’s critical that you investigate and come up with hashtags that have an influence on your audience.

Creating a branded hashtag is another excellent technique to create an impression with hashtags in your Instagram advertisements. Consider your company’s brand, its name, and its basic principles. Use this information to create a hashtag that will accompany all of your posts and encourage viewers to use it in their own posts.

This opens the door for dialogue, which leads us to the last advice for Instagram advertising looking to break through.

Get more help with your Instagram promotion

3. Begin and participate in dialogues

72% of Instagram users have purchased a product they saw on the platform. So, if you can get your product in front of your target demographic, there’s a 75% chance that they’ll run with it. They’ll Google your brand or visit your website, which will drive them to learn more and, eventually, to buy.

I’m sure you can testify to this—you’ve almost likely seen items on Instagram and wanted to purchase them right now.

However, in order to sell things, the appropriate message is required. In most circumstances, such message is asking questions, creating dialogues, and providing your audience with something to speak about and think about.

This is consistent with the Instagram algorithm’s emphasis on interaction. Instagram aims to foster interactions and discussions, so use your advertisements to get inside your target audience’s brains and get them to participate.

MeUndies’ Instagram advertising successfully generated a dialogue. This underwear business leveraged its Instagram account to reduce the stigma associated with underwear and encourage people to chat about it—and purchase for it online.

MeUndies instagram ads

Wrap up 

Whether you’re utilizing Instagram for conventional marketing or sponsored promotions, you need be aware of the complicated algorithm that organizes your material. More than just being aware, utilize our explanations and ideas to your advantage!

Focus on your visual imagery from here, whether it’s a picture, an animation, an illustration, or a video. Make advantage of hashtags to interact with a larger audience and indicate that your business is accessible.

Then it’s time to have a good time! Engage in conversations, initiate discussions, and utilize your material to establish a dialogue with your audience. This builds trust and shows your audience that you’re more than simply a business.