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When to Use an Animated GIF in Email Marketing

You may exchange amusing GIFs in group messages to your pals or come across them while looking through social media, but might they be a useful marketing tool for your company?

The answer is yes, but only if done properly.

GIFs have made a major return, despite technical breakthroughs in video. You may now respond to your pals on practically any platform with the perfect GIF to describe your emotion.

However, the classic GIF in email marketing should not be neglected. No, we’re not talking about the readymade ones from other websites—unless, of course, it matches your brand’s tone. Custom GIFs are a wonderful choice for clearly teaching complex topics and increasing subscriber engagement.

We’ll go through when and how to include GIFs to email marketing campaigns in this piece. We’ll also show you some great animated GIF email samples from firms that did it right.

How to Use Animated GIF Images in Email Marketing

Inserting an animated GIF into email marketing campaigns may either go very well or disastrously. Don’t worry, you can do it properly if you understand your audience and the message you want to portray.

The following are some advantages and disadvantages of using GIFs in email. Is it possible to use animated GIFs in Outlook? We’ll go over it later as well.

The Advantages of Using Animated GIFs in Email Campaigns

If you want to use custom GIFs in your email marketing, you’re in luck since there are various advantages. (We’ll show you some animated GIF email samples later on to help you understand.)

  • GIFs make it simple to express complex topics. If you’re delivering an announcement about a website makeover or how to perform something technical, using a bespoke GIF might assist your subscribers get the message without becoming too confused.
  • They may increase participation (and ROI). For product releases or promotional communications, a simple custom GIF might help pique readers’ curiosity and urge them to click through. Dell led the way in 2014, when it increased sales by 109% thanks to a GIF-centric email campaign.
  • GIFs are a wonderful substitute for video. The majority of email clients do not allow embedded video. Furthermore, movies use a lot of data. These issues can be solved with a properly optimized GIF.

GIFs may be an important component of your email marketing plan if utilized at the correct moment, with the right content, and with the right target group. The trick is knowing when and how to send them out.

When should you not include an animated GIF in an email campaign?

Although GIFs are effective for some portions of your audience and email campaigns, they may not be the perfect pick for every campaign every time. If you believe any of the following conditions apply, you should avoid using the GIF editor.

  • GIFs may be irritating. Older generations may be put off by a moving image that lacks a play and stop button, particularly if it moves too rapidly for them to comprehend what’s on the screen. Similarly, people of all ages may get upset (or desensitized to) GIF advertisements that are delivered on a frequent basis.
  • They’re bulky. With 53% of all emails being read on mobile devices, you need think about the size of your GIF emails and how much bandwidth they will require.
  • Not all email clients support GIFs. Many users using old-school email programs may get an error box instead of the fancy GIF you spent so much time creating. Other email providers may only show the first slide.
  • They may be dangerous to certain individuals. Subscribers with epilepsy or eyesight difficulties should avoid fast-moving GIFs.
  • You must maintain your professionalism. GIFs should be avoided in emails that are intended to be more serious.

Get to know your subscribers, as always. A professional email service provider may assist you with segmenting your audience based on email clients, age groupings, hobbies, and other characteristics to ensure that you are delivering GIF campaigns to the correct individuals.

Examples of animated GIF emails that get it right

These animated GIF examples demonstrate how to utilize tasteful animated GIF in email without going overboard.

Pizza Express Delivery Service

This Pizza Express advertising email makes use of minimal GIF text, making it simple to read for almost anybody. The animated GIF pictures of food are a terrific method to showcase a variety of items without overloading the email body with photographs.

Pizza Express gif

Ann Taylor Loft

Ann Taylor’s email highlights their current promos with a lovely GIF. GIFs like this one are an amazing method to enhance your subscriber engagement.

Ann Taylor Loft gif


Animated GIFs in email, such as this one from RealtimeBoard, are ideal for conveying complex topics without requiring your subscribers to watch a movie or click a link.

RealTimeBoard gif

Lou & Grey  

It’s a good idea to create a feeling of urgency in your email advertising. This email from Lou & Gray with a GIF clock is the best way to get people to take action.

Lou & Grey gif

Wrap up

Animated GIF graphics are great for increasing interaction with your subscribers, but don’t overdo it.

The key to a successful email campaign using GIFs, like always, is to analyze and segment your target. Once you’ve figured it out, you can make bespoke GIFs to reinforce your message and pique the attention of your followers.