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Emails We Love: The Birthday Edition

What is the finest spot to spend your birthday? Your email inbox.

There are usually a few particular items that genuinely signify the passing of another year—a birthday cake in the workplace, cards from your parents, postings on your Facebook page, and, last but not least, emails!

Birthday emails benefit both advertisers and subscribers. It provides them a cause to take a break from the never-ending cycle of advancement and rejoice together. Birthday emails, in fact, earn 342% more income per email than promotional ones (Experian).

To demonstrate this point, I decided to devote my birthday this year to the great cause of determining who is sending the best texts. (So, okay, I received some really awesome items in exchange!) Wait till you see these deals!) Allow me to introduce you to the candidates:

1.  Madewell

Subject line: Happy Birthday, Kaitlin. 

On this birthday email, they didn’t have to fully reinvent the wheel by using lifestyle product images from a recent clothes collection. It demonstrates how, if your identity is strong and distinct enough, you can simply recycle or rewrite information and visuals in novel ways that continue to surprise and please your consumers.

2. Outdoor Voices

Subject line: A gift for you.

Outdoor Voice’s creative team does an excellent job of maintaining on brand while also adding a little spice to this birthday message. This is an alternate method for include a birthday greeting in your email cycle without having to create anything altogether new. The gifa in this case provide a playful and festive tone to a straightforward but true message. A discount coupon is also never a bad thing.

3. TopShop

Subject line: Happy Birthday to you! Here’s 20% off

Birthday greetings are an excellent approach to convert leads and show your subscribers a side of your organization that is warm, genuine, and not too busy to remember your special day.

4. True Food Kitchen

Subject line: Enjoy a True Birthday Dessert in Honor of YOU

Birthday emails are a great success, particularly for restaurants. Because dining together is a natural way to celebrate, sending a birthday message with a ticket for a free dessert from the menu is more than acceptable. If your subscriber doesn’t have any plans, they now know where they’ll be spending the remainder of their birthday: with you!

5. J. Crew Factory

Subject line: Kaitlin, Happy Birthday! Here’s a present for you.

It just takes confetti and text to brighten your customer’s day! J. Crew Factory chose not to display their goods in this email and instead made the message all about the reader (including the personalisation in the subject line!). This is a situation that will pay off for them, and their subscribers will immediately begin to think about comparable stores and who did or did not wish them well on their special day. It is critical to demonstrate your concern!

Wrap up

Your birthday is likely one of your favorite days of the year, and when a company remembers it, it distinguishes itself as going above and above and caring about you as a person, rather than simply a consumer. Setting up birthday emails for your clients isn’t as tough as it seems, and the result will always outweigh the work. Happy birthday!