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Seven Welcome Email Dos (and Don’ts!) for Stellar Results

Initial impressions matter. They have the power to succeed or fail in your company. In order to effectively engage your consumers, your welcome emails must not simply present your business in the best possible light.

We’ve included all you need to know to make your welcome emails effective, including the top 7 welcome email dos and don’ts, since they are an essential component of every marketing effort.

What makes welcome emails so crucial?
Welcome emails typically have a 50% open rate. This indicates that they are 86% more successful than conventional newsletters.

When a consumer makes the effort to join up for your mailing list, it is obvious that they are already interested in your brand. They are interested in learning more about your business and may be on the verge of making a purchase.

These clients are great prospects. However, if you don’t communicate well, they can quickly become prospects for your rivals.

In keeping with their clear and consistent branding, PrettyLittleThing exposes their newest subscribers to their best-performing pages in this welcome email:

welcome email for subscribers
Source: Really Good Emails

Here are our top welcome email dos and don’ts that will provide outstanding results and increase your email marketing ROI

Do tell them that their decision was the correct one
In order to convince your new subscriber they made the correct choice by joining your mailing list, you must first allay their fears. After all, by providing you with their email address and letting you into their busy inbox, they have already made a significant commitment to you. After all, everyone’s inboxes are full these days.

Start by thinking about the subject line of your email in order to reassure them that they made the right decision. This ought to be clickable, welcome them to your email list, and demonstrate that you are not a spammer.

Thank you for allowing us access your mailbox, for example. What’s next? is clear-cut and transparent.

Then, within the email, extend a warm welcome to them into the community of your company.

Reiterate your privacy rules one more time, telling them that their email address is secure and won’t be given to multiple advertising businesses.

Don’t forget to fulfill your commitments
Don’t fail to deliver in your welcome email if you promised clients discounts, free downloads, free delivery, or other incentives to join your mailing list.

This not only gives the consumer a reason to buy with you but also takes the relationship one step closer to trust. If you tell your subscribers you’ll do something, better do it.

Subscription discount
Source: Really Good Emails

Do have some future expectations
Consider just asking your subscribers their preferred frequency of communication rather than assuming how often they would want to hear from you. In this manner, you can be certain that you’re striking the correct balance and fulfilling their expectations.

Finally, make it simple for your new subscribers to cancel their subscription.

You need to make sure they can unsubscribe if they want to, even if you hope they won’t right away. If you don’t, your emails might be marked as spam, which would damage your sender’s reputation. In addition, it is required by law.

HIMs subscription
Source: Really Good Emails

Do take into account when and how often you send out welcome emails
The effectiveness of your emails depends critically on how often you send them. Additionally, you must perfectly timing them.

According to a study by Experian, welcome emails issued in real time result in 10 times as many transactions than welcome emails sent in batches.

And anybody may comprehend the reason behind it.

A client who just joined your email subscriber list is thinking about your brand. They anticipate hearing from you. You have a far better chance of turning this lead into a client if you can get your email in front of them while your brand is on their minds.

Send more than one welcome email
While it’s important to avoid spamming your consumers with emails, you could also gain by sending a series of welcome emails over time.

For instance, depending on where your client is in the sales funnel, you may modify your welcome emails.

Therefore, you may send them an email with new things in it and perhaps a discount if you send a welcome email and they make a purchase. After all, welcome emails with discounts have transaction rates that are 2.5 times greater.

Alternatively, you might provide them additional details about your company and its goods and services if they don’t make a purchase after receiving the original welcome email.

Welcome to the community
Source: Really Good Emails

Do push them to participate in other activities
You should encourage your consumers to contact with you on a number of platforms rather than just email if you want to interact with them. The moment is just now to invite new subscribers to follow you on social media or call you: Together, marketing channels are most effective.

In essence, you want to make sure your subscribers believe they may get in touch with you whichever they want. They want to know that you are listening to them and want to feel like you are with them wherever they are. By engaging with clients across different platforms, you demonstrate that you are interested in more than just their money.

Welcome to the team page

Avoid sending cold emails
Even if you want to automate the delivery of your welcome emails, it’s crucial to personalize them.

To increase the level of personalisation, you may, for example, make sure the recipient’s name appears in the subject line. Consider saying “Welcome aboard, [NAME]! What comes next? Without any more work on your part, taking the time to include this personal touch can guarantee a greater open rate and increased engagement from your receivers.

By using personal touches in your emails, you may demonstrate the human aspect of your business and show that you recognize the humanity of your contacts.

Why wait if you aren’t currently sending welcome emails?

You’re taking those crucial first steps toward creating a lasting connection with your subscribers when you send tailored, relevant, and engaging emails while your brand is on consumers’ thoughts. And your readers will show their appreciation by sharing and responding to your emails.

And keep in mind that your welcome emails don’t have to be flawless. But it’s crucial that you abide by these significant welcome email dos and don’ts. By doing so, you’ll be creating solid, long-lasting bonds with your subscribers and converting them from clients into steadfast brand advocates.