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Five Witty and Attractive Halloween email campaigns of 2021

It’s time to put away the costumes and decorations now that Halloween has passed once again so that we can prepare for Thanksgiving, the next major holiday.

But don’t advance too rapidly.

If your business didn’t send any email marketing with a Halloween theme this year, it’s never too early to start planning for 2022. These five excellent Halloween advertisements from 2021 should serve as some inspiration for you.

storEDGE mixes an entertaining design with strong text
The firm storEdge, which specializes in integrated technology created so that companies can manage everything from their software to their websites to the cloud, all from one one platform, is where our list of the greatest Halloween email marketing of 2018 starts.

In addition to all of that, the marketing staff at storEDGE obviously has a strong background in developing effective emails.

Halloween email campaigns

This is an immediately entertaining and useful design. Their Halloween-themed logo was a fun way to celebrate the holiday without departing from their overall image.

After subscribers notice “Knock knock,” it is difficult to stop reading their message. It’s only reasonable to be curious about what will happen next.

The first line of storEDGE also grabs the attention of your subscribers. They then capitalize on that interest by making an offer right away, offering gift cards to everyone who registers up for a sample of their services.

Their message is succinct, direct, and basic at the same time.

The two Halloween email campaigns from designmodo use various designs
In order to make it simple for its clients to create a website from scratch, designmodo creates solutions to assist code collaboration. The business has also received praise for its effective content marketing.

As a result, it is not surprising that designmodo had two excellent Halloween email campaigns this year.

This first one stands out for a few different reasons.

Halloween email campaigns

When readers receive this email, a fun, unique visual designmodo made for their email campaign greets them. It obviously fits the season well.

The discount is the second thing that draws the reader’s attention straight away in this email since, in addition to giving a 30% discount, it is also highlighted in orange, making it stand out from the rest of the text.

Although the word “BOO!” at the beginning of designmodo’s actual message is eye-catching and themed, the company’s use of scarcity in their email is much more significant.

They emphasize how limited in time their offer is—just three days. The business emphasizes the limited availability of the goods and gives customers a very limited window of time to take advantage of the deal.

cool halloween emails

Even though this example lacks the amusing visual, the email still has a Halloween-themed design.

The organization chooses a design that is considerably simpler than the previous image, which helps to distinguish their service. A receiver could not possibly miss the “30% discount” written just under the bold “Halloween.”

Designmodo’s email only gives readers five days to take action and benefit from the offer.

SnapApp is a master of long-form content
These three effective Halloween email campaigns so far have kept their message succinct and direct. That does not, however, imply that being brief is always a must-follow guideline. Both short-form and long-form material may be used in holiday-themed email promotions, depending on the circumstance.

The best option for this email from SnapApp is undoubtedly long-form content. One explanation for this is that the business need more space to announce their next webinar.

Halloween Marketing ideas

Additionally, SnapApp introduces multiple offers in one email, boosting the likelihood that each receiver who choose to read the email would find something worthwhile. In this manner, even if a user is not interested in the next webinar, they may still click to read the most recent blog post from the business or to learn “what type of horror movie character” they are.

DogVacay sends out a valuable Halloween newsletter
Speaking of pets, DogVacay’s Halloween email campaign has a number of strong points.

The picture comes first. Who doesn’t like dogs dressed up for Halloween? Whether or not this is true for everyone, DogVacay’s target market—those who own and like their dogs—certainly does as the firm matches dog owners with individuals who can watch and/or walk their pets.

halloween email templates

The email also includes a useful link to an article regarding dog costumes. Although the organization does not provide this service, they appreciate and know its users will be interested in this kind of information.

Dan Murphy’s Halloween newsletter provides customers with discounts and recipes
Dan Murphy’s, dubbed “Australia’s favorite booze shop,” is another example of a business that successfully utilizes long-form content.

Even if users don’t read the subject line, they will be able to tell that this email from Dan Murphy’s is themed for Halloween by glancing at the eerie images. The email itself looks fantastic.

Halloween email template - Halloween Email Campaigns 2018

This business definitely knows their target, much as DogVacay does. They immediately advise their customers to choose something “different” among their “beers, ciders, wines, spirits, or even mixers,” as opposed to what the receiver may typically favor.

It is after all Halloween, a season when many people host or go to parties. When else is a good moment to shake up your tastes with something a little unusual?

You’ll get some of your finest results from a holiday-themed email campaign yet if you use some of the strategies from the examples above.

It is obvious that engaging, polished images are advantageous.
Halloween-themed terminology is also amusing and makes sense.
Short- or long-form content may make the most sense for your audience.

Understanding your audience’s needs and producing emails that satisfy them are of utmost importance. Although you may use these strategies now to develop an effective Halloween message, you don’t have to wait until next autumn to do so. Throughout the year, successful emails are produced using the same kind of reasoning.