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5 Customer Retention Emails Every Business Should Send

Most company owners understand that maintaining an existing client is significantly less expensive than acquiring a new one. Existing clients are the lifeblood of every company. Businesses go out of their way to keep customers coming back, and with good cause.

To keep your previous customers coming back, it’s critical that you maintain in touch with them through email marketing and modify the wording in those emails appropriately.

So here are five emails that you must include in your client retention campaign.

Welcome emails

The first step to keeping your customer is greeting them.

The first step in retaining a client is to meet them. Your consumer has shown an interest in building a connection, whether they have just made their first purchase or have just signed up for your newsletter.

It’s now your chance to make a move.

Emails from abandoned shopping carts

Set up an abandoned cart campaign through your email service provider by creating a trigger for people that add to their cart without completing the purchase.

On average, 70% of customers leave their shopping basket. That is a large number of individuals, regardless of the size of your consumer base. Those clients and their carts, though, are not a lost cause.

Create an abandoned cart campaign with your email service provider by building a trigger for customers who add items to their basket but do not complete the transaction. It is preferable to send two emails, the first three hours after the abandonment and the second 24 hours afterwards.

If you wait too long, they may opt not to buy at all. Strike while the iron is hot instead.

Thank you emails

Reminding your customers that you appreciate their patronage and dedication to remaining on your email list (because let’s face it, unsubscribing can be tempting sometimes) is all they need to keep coming back for more.

Sometimes a simple thank you is all that is required.

Reminding your clients that you value their business and commitment to being on your email list (because, let’s face it, unsubscribing might be tempting at times) is all they need to keep returning for more.

Happy birthday emails

Birthday emails make your customers feel special and remind them that this is an offer only available to them.

Birthday emails are one of the most effective email marketing strategies you can do. They produce 342% more money and a 481% higher transaction rate than standard promotional emails.

Why? Personalization.

Birthday emails make your consumers feel special and remind them that this is a limited-time promotion. It provides the transaction a distinct meaning than their typical purchase or promotional email. Even if they are giving you their business, it seems as though they are receiving a gift.

And everyone enjoys receiving presents on their birthday.

Emails to re-engage customers

The customer win-back email, also known as a re-engagement email, is your last chance to retain those long lost customers, so make it poignant and worthwhile.

It occurs to everyone. Your consumers may lose contact, have a big life change, or decide to manage their money differently. Whatever the cause for your customer’s departure from your business, you should constantly endeavor to win them back.

The re-engagement email is your final opportunity to re-engage those long-lost clients, so make it meaningful. This should be a full-throttle effort.


Customer retention should be a main aim of all email marketing initiatives for businesses. Existing clients are without a doubt your most important consumers, thus keeping them interested and attentive is critical to the success of your company.