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The Big 3 Email Styles that Make Your Subscribers Smile

Are you sending generic emails that look just like the last 200 emails your subscribers have received from you?

As you may be aware, using comedy in your email makes it more memorable to your readers.

Having said that, here are the top three entertaining emails that will make your subscribers happy.

Emails of Welcome

One thing to keep in mind regarding welcome emails is that they operate as a nice greeting to your subscribers and prospective consumers, encouraging them to connect with your product or service.

Welcome emails are the first impressions your brand makes on your subscribers, and if they are successful, they will enhance client retention.

These emails only demonstrated that you are welcome to them.

Casper and you should have a decent night’s sleep

Casper has created a peaceful email design for us. Its appropriate night hues and drowsy jargons create a tranquil atmosphere surrounding its brand.

They also promote prizes to demonstrate the quality of their goods and, as a result, gain your confidence.

Hello and Welcome to the Flock

Allbird’s welcome email begins with a creative subject line: Welcome to the Flock, which is a great example of a business being humorous and pleasant while still making its consumers feel like they belong. They also employ colorful language to convey their ideals, as well as subtle hilarious GIFs that complement their welcome email style.

Unsplash Welcomes You

Unsplash is one of the brands that sends out the greatest welcome emails to its members. They begin with a short history of their brand, its early problems, and how their new software works. Their welcome email has a clear message that is centered on it.

What makes these emails stand out?

  • They give quality and value via their downloaded sources’ material, discounts, and compelling copy.
  • They establish their subscribers’ expectations by allowing them to pick what material they wish to get.

Emails that are interactive

Email inboxes are more clogged than ever before. Even though gaining attention through email has grown difficult, there are techniques to stand out.

Use interactive content to entertain your readers while increasing email engagement.

Here are some amusing examples to get you started.

Comcast: Winter is Coming

Random Penguin (Emoji) House

TrendyMinds’ What Halloween Villain Are You Quiz

What makes these emails stand out?

  • They capture subscribers’ attention and keep them engaged.
  • They amuse subscribers, and the material isn’t only about sales and pricing.
  • They are worth discussing.


Wait! GIFs do they work in email?

Yes, absolutely!

GIFs create motion, which draws your subscribers’ attention.

Check out these amazing GIF email samples that compelled us to act.

Wear whatever you want from ThirdLove

Get a Lyft!

Nike allows you to be adaptable

What makes these emails stand out?

  • GIFs are both traditional and unique in terms of attracting attention!
  • They are also unrivaled in terms of product presentation and application.

So, what are you holding out for?

You may optimize your own to stand out from the crowd, from engaging design to great content. Your subscribers will undoubtedly like receiving these kind of emails.