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4 Intimate Tips to Level Up your Email Open Rates

Emails are a great source of visitors and purchases for your internet company, but there is a problem. You send emails, but no one reads, opens, or even receives them.

Worse, they may end up in your subscribers’ Spam folder.

Take a look at these four personal but very efficient methods for increasing email open rates and deliverability.

Increase the heat! Prepare your email list.

The first thing you need know is that before you start sending emails to individuals, you should warm them up.

If you had a 100,000-email list, you wouldn’t want to send out 100,000 emails all at once.

That’d be nuts!

Every email service, such as Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL, functions as a gatekeeper for these communications. If you send emails and no one opens them, your emails will be sent to people’s Spam folders.

Warming up entails sending 500 emails one day, 1,000 the next, 2,000 the next, 4,000 the next, 10,000 the next, 20,000 the next, and so on until you reach 100,000.

You’re also getting the email providers warmed up. They’ll feel more at ease with your emails and will deliver them to your subscribers’ inboxes.

Keep your subject lines intriguing and easygoing.

That’s correct! Your email subject lines should be informal and intriguing.

Use a casual subject line when sending emails to your pals.

You are not capitalizing every word. Be exact while remaining amusing.

That’s how it should be because when you send someone an email with a casual subject line, they think to themselves, “Oh, this may be a buddy, let me just open it.”

Begin cleaning up your email list.

It’s a good idea to clean out your email list on a regular basis.

If you keep sending emails to people who are opening them, these internet service providers (ISPs) will eventually say, “Hmmm, you’re sending all these emails to AOL but most of the people you’re sending emails to aren’t opening them, so we’re assuming all your emails are spam and we’re just going to put all your emails in the Spam Box.”

To prevent this, clean up your list. If you send at least four or five emails each month, you may wipe your list once a month for anybody who doesn’t open any of them.

However, if you’re just sending out four or five emails each month, you shouldn’t wipe your list once a month. Instead, clean it after each and every time you send four or five emails.

Take out your smartphones and send text-based emails.

When you send text-based emails, Gmail says, “Oh, nice, this may be a pleasant personal email, so let me put it in the Inbox.”

Your text-based email may include some HTML, but not as much as those fancy, templated emails that are awful for deliverability.

Takeaway: Use these four strategies to stay on top of your subscribers’ inboxes. They’ll open them up, and you’ll receive more clicks and revenues as a result.

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Best wishes for having your emails sent!