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Own Your Email Strategy Like A Boss with these Four Steps

It’s easy to get caught down in the details of email marketing, such as creating focused segmentation, attractive designs, and implementing effective deliverability measures.

While all of these variables are important, there should be a framework in place to manage the kind of emails sent, how often they are sent, and to whom they are sent.

What is an email marketing strategy?

An email marketing strategy is only one part of a wider digital marketing strategy. This method aids you not only in creating emails to send, but also in determining who to send them to and how often.

How does one go about developing an email strategy?

Developing an email strategy involves considerable consideration; yet, when done correctly, the time put in the planning process may result in the achievement of some crucial goals.

In actuality, your team should set SMART goals:

After you’ve identified your SMART objectives, you should outline your email marketing techniques, including crucial email benchmarks like open rates, click through rates, and unsubscribe rates.

Make a mission statement for your email service

Create a mission statement that describes the main goal of email marketing for your company as your first step toward owning your email strategy.

Whether it’s to produce income, nurture leads, educate, or retain consumers, the objective of your email marketing should be crystal clear in your mind.

Set SMART goals and keep track of them

You’ve certainly heard of SMART objectives, which stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely, but have you established one for email marketing?

You can now link your goals with your mission statement and what you want your subscribers to accomplish since you’ve already produced one. Then you can ensure that you’ve established methods for tracking performance against these goals.

Create a detailed contact strategy

A contact plan is a great tool for outlining the sequential sequence of the emails you intend to send, as well as your segmentation and frequency.

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This is your email strategy’s who, what, and where. During this process, it’s crucial to question yourself and your marketing team why you send specific sorts of emails and to think critically about what gives the greatest value to your subscribers.

Present your strategy and get buy-in

Include management and other individuals inside your business in your strategy and planning process to get internal buy-in.

Starting with the fundamentals and holding an instructional training session on email marketing best practices and ideas for any internal stakeholders or those who are unfamiliar may be the most successful approach. These are the ones who ask for irrelevant, out-of-date campaigns to be put out on short notice.


You should now be prepared to showcase your contact strategy to the whole company. Make sure to clearly explain your new mission statement, goals, how they will be monitored, and how the new contact strategy will assist you in achieving outcomes.

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