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5 Ways to Build a Marketing Campaign with Social Media and Email

Email and social campaigns work differently. They may still collaborate to benefit marketers and consumers. Best marketing efforts blend email and social media.

Here are five basic methods to utilize social media and email for marketing.

  1. Add share buttons to emails

Adding social network share buttons or icons to your email campaign is easy.

Most firms include social media links in communications. These are wonderful for gaining followers, but they don’t encourage action as well as an email campaign. Unless your email’s objective is to get social media followers.

Consider providing the ability for contacts to share your email on social media. This may boost click-through rates by 158%.

Postmates’ example:

 add social media share buttons or icons to your emails


2. User-generated content in social media and email

You may promote email and social campaign participation by requesting user-generated material.

This boosts interaction and improves how people see your items. Millennials believe user-generated content is a quality indication and influences what they purchase.

This may help your email and social efforts in easy ways. Consider Black Milk Clothing’s email:

The email asked consumers to submit images of themselves wearing corporate goods with a particular hashtag. Black Milk Clothing showcased their finest images in an email and offered everyone a $50 coupon.

In addition to driving excitement and engagement, this campaign caused FOMO among those who didn’t win. You could easily do this with your own brand and goods.

You can encourage collaboration between your email and social campaigns by asking your customers to submit user-generated content.


3. Email your social media campaign

A social campaign for your followers doesn’t imply you can’t advertise it through email.

Check out how Sephora’s email promoted their Instagram contest.

The email has a single CTA to learn more about the contest. It includes the company’s Instagram username and enough data to entice consumers to check out how to win a vacation to Paris.

Check out how Sephora used an effective email to raise awareness of its Instagram contest:


4. Target your email subscribers with social ads

When determining your audience, social advertisements are usually an approximation. By building bespoke audiences, you may target your email list on Facebook.

This lets you distribute comparable communications to segmented audiences without flooding inboxes. Set up your campaign so contacts who open an email but don’t act get a Facebook ad.

This CB Insights Facebook ad encourages consumers to obtain a report. So instead of sending an email, they posted the CTA on Facebook, where their audience will be.

set up your campaign so contacts who open an email but take no action receive a follow up message in the form of a Facebook ad.


5. Build an email list on social media

In addition to delivering social advertising to your email list, you may develop it with them. Instead of a CTA to download a report or visit a landing page, develop an email sign up form on Facebook.

Here’s a TheSkimm Facebook ad to gather email addresses.

TheSkimm’s lead advertising produced instant results. By employing Facebook advertisements, the newsletter site increased lead quality by 22%. Selecting the correct audience for these adverts is key. TheSkimm chose a target demographic group and a lookalike audience based on existing subscriptions.

Here’s a sponsored ad that theSkimm put on Facebook to collect new email addresses.

Wrap up

Email and social media may coexist in your next marketing effort. There are many ways to use both tactics to strengthen efforts.

Before creating your next marketing strategy, incorporate social media and email. First, don’t go big. Once you’re more comfortable, you’ll see more interaction and active leads from your efforts.