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3 Important Dont’s To Apply in Your Email Length

Because email marketing is becoming more popular, it is becoming more vital to craft professional but customized messages that are interesting to your subscribers.

It is not enough to just ensure that your email has all of the information that your subscribers want. It is also important to consider how you display your information in the email.

Continue reading to understand the best techniques for email marketing campaign durations as a vital component of your organization.


Before you begin composing your subject lines, you must thoroughly review your list. Do all of your subscribers own smartphones? What are the most popular devices?

This is a vital consideration since the shorter your subject line, the safer it will be for your readers that use mobile devices. Create subject lines with a minimum length of 28 to 40 characters. If your characters are kept to a minimal, your open rates will improve.

Consider the following example:

Banana Republic

“Add this bright coat to any ensemble,” says the subject line of Banana Republic. This is merely 32 characters and seven words long. This is a definite keeper.

DO NOT EXCEED 50-125 words in your email copy length characters.

Response rates are higher when email copy is 25 to 50 words long. The primary guideline here is that it should not be too short. If you have an email list, you can utilize bullet points. This way, you can keep your ideas focused and avoid providing too many information in your email.

Here’s an excellent example:


This email is just 60 words long. This is an excellent example of a succinct email. You don’t need to go into great detail to get your point clear.


One of the finest email marketing tactics is to make your CTA action-oriented. The most efficient method to do this is to use action-oriented phrases in your CTA, such as try, purchase, get, order, reserve, download, add, sign up, and register.

In fact, you may create your CTA from two to five words long using bolder and brighter fonts to capture your readers’ attention. These are sufficient to convey your case.

Consider this small but intriguing example:


Made-CTA In’s is combined with the usage of buttons, which is an excellent approach to increase click-through rates.

Subscribers may not read the whole email, but they will skip to the portions that interest them and discard the letter if nothing piques their interest. Aside from style and formatting, you may use these strategies to create shorter but more impactful messages to your subscribers.

Watch this video for additional information on guaranteeing the duration of your email campaign: