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Five Email Marketing Strategies to Upgrade Your Campaigns during Pandemic

Since more individuals bought online and spent more time at home sitting in front of their computers during the pandemic age, email senders’ email traffic has surged by more than 60% in the last year.

Furthermore, firms have to change their email marketing approach to fit customers’ changing requirements.

With the immunization now accessible, many individuals are returning to their usual lifestyles. So, what email marketing trends should organizations be aware of in order to survive in 2021?

Customize your emails

Because many individuals were forced to disconnect from one another during the epidemic, they want personal connection much more than they did before. Consumers want to feel appreciated and do not want to get robotic or transactional replies from the companies with whom they do business.

As a result, the standard email automation, which seems excessively robotic, must be modified. In the emails, convey your personality and what you care about, not simply what you know.

Consider this example from Bethany Hamilton, a professional surfer from the United States. She quickly makes the email content more relevant and addressed to the specific recipient by tailoring the subject line and introductory message.

Personalized subject line example
Source: Really Good Emails

Make emails more engaging

You can better engage your consumers by making your emails interactive. Email interactive components do not have to be sophisticated. They may be clear, clickable CTA buttons, polls and surveys, brief quizzes, and product or service carousels.

The Designmodo team expertly mimicked scratching cards in this case. For a few seconds, it seems that you have the opportunity to discover a discount buried behind golden foil. The technique focuses all attention on the offerings. Brilliant.

What is Interactive Email?
Source: Designmodo

Consider the standard welcome email and transaction confirmation emails you send to users. Is it possible to make them less robotic and boring?

Rethink your AI approach

Source: Designmodo

Remember, if your consumers have taken the time to view your email, the substance of the email must be worth their time; otherwise, they will delete your email, not open the next one, and may even unsubscribe from your list.

Include user-generated material in emails

Source: Designmodo

User-generated content (UGC) refers to any kind of material made by users of products and services. Most individuals do not get to view or feel the things in person before making a purchase when they buy online. This is why other customers’ feedback has such a strong influence on their buying choice.

You may enhance customer confidence in your product and brand by including user-generated material into your emails. What’s the nicest part about this sort of content? It’s completely free.

Maintain your privacy

GDPR email marketing
Source: Designmodo

Customers are increasingly conscious of their privacy and how their data is being utilized these days. As a result, concentrating on data privacy is critical for all firms.

You may also notify customers of any changes in data privacy and how you plan to secure their information. This will undoubtedly boost your clients’ faith in your business.


When you’re designing your next email campaign, keep all of these tip-based trends in mind. Email marketing after the epidemic doesn’t have to be tough if you can capitalize on the time and effort you’ve already invested in it over the previous year.

To understand more about the techniques you may use during the epidemic, watch this video from Envato, which outlines the top trends for completing creative tasks using email marketing.