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Animated GIFs in Email: A New Approach to an Old Format

In today’s society, GIFs are used everywhere there is an internet connection. Given the lack of video support in the most popular email clients, this trend is especially relevant in email design, where GIFs and CSS animations are the only way to add moving images.

Jaw Drop Wow GIF by MOODMAN

How to Include a GIF in an Email to Impress Your Subscribers and Their Friends

But why would you utilize them? According to Paul Boag in “It’s Time to Look at Animated GIFs Again,”

Animated GIFs can bring much-needed life to your website’s imagery. They draw the user’s attention and serve as design delighters, making your site stand out from the crowd.

The same is true for email, where the prominence of a button or call to action can have a significant impact on campaign results.

GIFs used in email elicit emotions that humans can relate to, making email campaigns effective. Check out some of our customers who are using GIFs in their email marketing campaigns below:


Beck included a GIF of a clip from his music video in his announcement email.

Use a strategy similar to Beck’s: bright, contrasting colors with some foreign faces. If your emails look like this one, your subscribers will be more likely to interact with them.

music video GIF in announcement email - Beck


Moo is a promotional and commercial stationery design firm that enjoys starting discussions.

They were attempting to engage members in a new manner while also offering them 15% off their next purchase.

To get your subscribers participating and enjoying discounts, use a funny and unique method like Moo.

interactive GIF in email example - Moo


Nest is a thermostat and home product manufacturer. They improve your quality of life.

In this email campaign, they utilized email GIFs to illustrate numerous product possibilities. The backdrop picture is a huge product image that incorporates multiple goods. They all seem menacing, intriguing, and contemporary, and they elicit a curious sense, so that you’ll want to know more even if you use a version of Microsoft Outlook where GIFs don’t play correctly.

Subscribers are left wondering what they need to learn more about after seeing a darker color scheme and many product photos.

GIF in email example - Nest


GIFs engage subscribers in ways that “normal” text in emails cannot. They may need a bit more effort, but your subscribers will engage with your emails more than ever before.