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5 Email Acquisition Best Practices for Email Marketing

email acquisition best practices

Content that is relevant and beneficial to your target audience might be an excellent method to get them to join your mailing list.

  1. Make a lead magnet.
    You may give free a white paper, ebook, checklist, or cheat sheet in return for a prospective customer’s email address, which is known as a “restricted offer.”

Customers will not opt in for any old stuff if your gift item is not useful and relevant. Do you need inspiration? Check out this ebook lead magnet’s enticing promise:

  1. Offer content improvements
    Gated deals aren’t always worthwhile for all of your guests. However, if you have a high-performing blog article, you can enhance it and offer it as a “content upgrade” with email sign-up—and raise your conversion by 529%.

Backlinko accomplished it this way, with a handy cheat sheet for a highly useful, yet comprehensive, blog article.

  1. Provide more tools or analysis
    You might entice your audience by offering exciting surveys, analyses, or tools tailored to their needs in exchange for their email address.

Ramit Sethi does things this way:

Who wouldn’t want to hear from a thought leader and influencer about their potential?

After you’ve provided lead magnets and content delights, think about utilizing your social media presence to expand your list.

Using social media to expand your list

It is simple to encourage prospects to click on social media since these platforms provide locations of involvement for users. Here’s how you can use this behavior to increase your list:

  1. Hold a competition
    Set up a freebie in return for consumer email addresses. You can entice consumers to visit your website or sign up via your social media account.

Here’s how HydroFlask did it through Instagram:

To enter, users had to follow HydroFlask and tag two friends in the comments.

The following example shows a basic Facebook giveaway:

You may also include social sharing buttons in these freebies and competitions, which can double your profit by encouraging consumers to spread your offer.

  1. Include a call-to-action (CTA) on your Facebook page.
    Adding a CTA to a company page on Facebook enables you to use your audience’s involvement to entice them to exchange contact information for access, a lead magnet, or other incentive.

Here’s an example from Facebook:

Other buttons, in addition to “sign up,” include Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, and Watch Video. Linking to a certain landing page is an excellent strategy to generate new leads.

Finishing touches
You don’t have to worry about list churn any longer—there are 5 terrific new techniques to fill your email list with enthusiastic, fascinated prospects who are eager to hear what you have to offer.

Just keep an eye out for the stumbling hurdles we’ve identified. Then, select one or more of the options shown below and watch your list develop.