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The Answer to Your Email Authentication is Finally Here!

Setting up DKIM to prevent email spoofing is one technique to assure the validity of your email marketing efforts.

This is a step in the email authentication process, which is a technical way of verifying that an email is not falsified. In other words, it allows you to confirm that an email is from the person it purports to be from.

What exactly is DKIM?

DKIM gives an encryption key as well as a digital signature that ensures an email message was not forged or changed. It also adds an encrypted signature to all outgoing communications’ headers. DKIM is used by email servers that receive signed messages to decode the message header and ensure that the message was not modified after it was transmitted.

Check out this extensive Google video on DKIM and SPF to learn more about this procedure.

This is why email authentication is essential. Email authentication helps to keep mails sent by your company from being marked as spam. Using adequate email authentication methods will help you deliver alerts and other crucial product communications to your users’ inboxes. This is because email authentication might increase the likelihood that receiving mail servers will trust the IP addresses and sending domains for your email.

Set up email authentication for your company to help protect it from spoofing and to prevent outbound communications from being sent to spam.

By using email authentication, you reduce the possibility of email fraud targeting your brand while also ensuring that your emails reach your subscribers.