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Get Inspired By These Ten Email Marketing Templates

Have you ever wondered what is preventing you from obtaining the desired response from your emails? In most situations, the solution is bad email design.

Your emails are just not enticing enough for individuals to read and perform the necessary action. Poorly designed emails often go undetected and unopened, which is detrimental to your email marketing journey.

The templates below were created by specialists to help you understand what works and what doesn’t.


Sendinblue provides over 60 completely responsive email layouts. No CSS or HTML experience is necessary to produce stunning emails using this application. In brief, you choose a template and utilize its drag-and-drop tool to rearrange or add new pieces.

Source: Sendinblue


Mailchimp also offers free email templates for use in your campaigns.

Because the designs are totally adjustable, you are not need to utilize all of the design features if you choose one of their templates. All you have to do is choose a layout that best matches your message and then edit it to your specifications.

Source: MailChimp

Campaign Management

Campaign Monitor has over 50 email templates to pick from.

You have a template for anything your firm requires, from announcements to newsletters to welcome emails. This gives you a lot of freedom when developing your email campaigns. It saves time while also assisting you in creating intriguing emails.

email template examples
Source: Campaign Monitor

Campaigns by ZOHO

ZOHO Campaigns also offers a large number of free email templates for every company. They organize their templates by events such as holidays and birthdays.

They also offer a “business” area where you can get several sorts of email templates for your company. You may choose the layout that best matches your message and then tweak it to your specifications.

Source: ZOHO Campaigns


This is another another great place to get free email and newsletter templates with a mobile-responsive style and layout. They provide a large selection of customizable email templates that you can customize using their design editor.

email marketing templates


This is another site where you may discover free email and newsletter templates for your campaigns. The templates are available for several types of emails that your company may send, such as welcome emails or specials and offers. This service is extremely useful for discovering newsletter templates since it has a variety of distinctive designs.

Source: Cakemail

Contact Octopus by email

This is a lesser-known resource with an excellent range of free email templates. Their template designs are mobile-responsive and seem as well on mobile devices as they do on PCs.

While they do not have a big number of templates, their designs are simple and easy to utilize. Their 11 distinct email templates are sufficient to suit your basic email design requirements and get you started. So, either you like their design or you don’t, there aren’t many options.


This is the source for you if you like to browse through various design alternatives and don’t want to put much work into customization. You couldn’t ask for much more with over 300 email template styles. Whatever kind of email you wish to send, there are email templates for it.


ActiveCampaign is another well-known email marketing platform that offers free email templates. They feature a plethora of email template designs for many types of commercial and personal communications. They employ various color schemes, layouts, and styles to create ready-to-use email templates that are appealing.

Free of BEEs

Are you still seeking for fantastic email marketing templates? BEE Free is a terrific place to get original and bright email templates for any occasions, both personal and professional. They also classify their email templates by industry and kind of email, making it easy to select something that you can use straight away.

Source: BEE Free


All of them provide a fair selection of templates from which to pick. So, develop appealing and engaging emails that offer the needed outcomes while keeping your brand aesthetics in mind.

What exactly are you waiting for? With these templates, you can begin designing profitable and engaging email campaigns right now. With Marketing 360 video, you will be able to enhance your income per customer and generate more sales at a cheap cost.