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Deliver Your Published Blog Posts to your Subscribers

Deliver your published blog posts to your subscribers

Many marketers’ content marketing strategy is closely aligned with their email strategy, but that content is generated and published outside of their email platform using a separate CMS or blog. We’re excited to announce that a brand new feature that makes it easy for marketers to easily add their published blog content right into their mailings and landing pages built in Emma.

The new RSS import block lets you quickly and easily import published content from an RSS feed into a mailing or landing page. If you’re not sure what we mean by RSS, it’s the most common tool used to export published content from your CMS or blog into other platforms.

A Beginners Guide to Really Simple Syndication (RSS) - WP Mayor

Easily add your blog to your mailings
Instead of copying or manually reproducing your blog content within Emma, the RSS import block lets you quickly import your latest published posts right into your mailing or landing page.

Keeps your content consistent
By importing directly into Emma, your CMS content won’t get manipulated, so it remains consistent and reliable as the single source of truth.

Getting started with the RSS import block
First, create a new mailing or open one you’ve already been working on. In the sidebar, click and drag the RSS import block into your mailing. Now, paste in your RSS feed URL, choose the number of articles to display, and check or uncheck display settings for your articles’ TitleContentPublished date, and Read more link.

That’s it!