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5 Mother’s Day Email Campaigns your Mom would Approve

Since we have the rules now for creating a Mother’s Day email campaign, it’s now time to figure out the offer you want to give to your subscribers. We put together a list of five very interesting and different campaigns that hopefully will give you an idea of how to create your own.

1. Timed offer

There is nothing better than creating a sense of urgency in your subscribers. For that, use a timer in your email to remind people about the special occasion. You can do this in two ways.

Firstly, you can create a special timed offer available only for a certain period of time. Add a simple timer to your emails with the offer and send it away. It will let people know that they have limited time to purchase the product and lead them to make an impulsive decision which is great for your business.

Secondly, as Mother’s Day is an exact date on the calendar, you can make a timer that will indicate how much time you have to order so it will arrive on time. Furthermore, you can do it very easily, in just a few clicks using Nifty Images. Thorntons decided to use this option on Mother’s Day. They set up a timer that shows exactly how much time you have left so your order will be delivered before the celebration. To make this work, you will need to segment recipients based on their geolocation. The timer will be set depending on the time of assembly and delivery.

Thorntons email campaign

2. Create the nostalgia

I’m sure you can remember the special Mother’s Day cards you’ve made in kindergarten. They were by no means a work of art but I’m sure you remember how happy it made your mom when you gave it to her. The same emotion can be applied to an email campaign just like Puma did.

They took the idea literally using a cute child-like drawing to put those good memories into motion within their subscriber’s heads. The design is simple, it’s not heavily promoting the products although you can clearly notice the shoe in the drawing. However, thanks to the way it was showcased, it seems very innocent. It brings good memories rather than the urge to shop. Such an email campaign can be more catered towards building your brand awareness than making some dollars.

adidas mother's day email campaign

3. Make it personal

Speaking of increasing your brand awareness, there is one fool-proof way to do so, and it’s a great tactic to pull out on Mother’s Day. Instead of sending a sale-oriented email, let your subscribers get to know you and your employees. Lucky Brand decided to show their childhood photos with their moms as a form of celebrating the holiday. It turned out to be quite a classy, beautiful campaign that made their customers feel closer to them.

Lucky Brand put themselves in a very vulnerable position showing the pictures. Of course, not everybody would be comfortable with sending their personal photos on the internet. However, this is not the only way to do so. You can make a more sale-oriented email using a personal touch. Ask your employees to pick one item from the shop and put it together in an email to create a list of “Our Picks” perfect for the occasion. It will still have the personal touch you are looking for, but it also showcases the products you sell.

Lucky Brand others day campaign

4. Create an experience bundle

Newer generations enjoy experiences more than physical items. And the older generation just wants to hang out with their children more. So, why not create a connection and offer something both a child and their mother can enjoy? There is a creative solution for various businesses like spas, restaurants, and hotels. Instead of selling items, sell experiences. Offer lunch at a special price just like the one below, or charge full price and add a free item like a glass of wine or a dessert. The offer itself largely depends on you, but rest assured that such deals are incredibly popular. It’s a great bonding experience for generations and it creates memories that will be long remembered.

buffet lunch campaign

5. Use humor

Puns, jokes and snappy comments are great for more lighthearted companies to really shine on Mother’s Day email campaigns. If you feel like you can pull off a good joke without offending anyone, you should definitely try it. Remember though, that with a clever one-liner, you need to add a good design and a final reveal. After all, it’s supposed to be fun, not offensive. The below example is pretty much perfect for Mother’s Day. It’s simple, it’s fun and most importantly, it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s also a great attention grab, as such text will definitely make a person’s heart rate go up.

Effective jokes take practice and they need to be in line with your brand. If you are unsure about implementing them in your campaign, I strongly recommend you to read this guide that will help you make the decision.

mothers day email campaign example

All of us live very fast-paced lives trying to balance work, personal life and caring for our mental health. It’s important however, to remember the people who are close to us and to always celebrate their days. Wish them all the best and show appreciation for all they do for you.

We would like to extend those wishes to the special people in our lives – mothers. Thank you for all your kindness, support, and showering us with unconditional love, no matter what we do.