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4 Real Life Uses for Animated GIFs in Your Email Marketing

GIFs are also great methods to draw attention to your emails after your subscribers have opened them. Take a look at these great examples of how businesses can (and do) utilize GIFs in email promotions.


Converse announced their new Blank Canvas Monochromatic Collection with an animated GIF in this bright and interesting email. In the inbox, it grabs attention and wants to be clicked on.

Animated GIF in email from Converse


Harry’s employs a simple animated GIF to enhance the feeling of urgency in their offer and generate FOMO.

Harry's GIF example


Does your product, app, or website have a hot new feature? Animated GIFs in your announcement email might be an excellent method to highlight it. An animated GIF, rather than a static picture, may bring your new feature to life by demonstrating how it works.

Lyft just sent this interesting email regarding an app upgrade that includes a prominent app demonstration GIF. As you can expect, this was considerably more engaging and fascinating than a static picture, and it also had the added advantage of teaching consumers how the new function worked.

GIFs in Your Email Marketing


Nest’s email engineering team, led by Eric Lepetit, has lately created some incredible interactive emails.

These emails include carousels and interactive buttons, allowing businesses to exhibit their items like never before inside one email. They do, however, sometimes utilize a trusted GIF.

This email sample includes a basic GIF that depicts the temperature of the Nest thermostat changing, which looks fine on its own, but they’ve taken things a step further by enabling subscribers to click on the “At a distance” button, which seamlessly transitions the thermostat into another screen. The photos below demonstrate this.

Animated GIF in email from Nest


Now that you’ve seen five instances of functional GIFs in email campaigns, you can see how adding an element of motion to a typically static email may help engage your readers and encourage them to take action. Try using animated GIFs in your emails to observe how they affect click-throughs and engagement.