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How to Integrate AI into your Company’s Email Practices

Email might seem like a dinosaur in some ways, but it’s still a powerful marketing tool. Although the way it works may not change, it gives you a direct line to those most interested in what you have to offer. Email marketing can be time-consuming, but artificial intelligence (AI) helps formulate the most effective copy and sends them out consistently. 

Statista says even though messengers, chat apps, and social media have grown in recent years, 4.6 billion people still use email daily. Those who sign up for your mailing list are either already customers or highly interested in what you offer. It is the No. 1 way to reach your target audience and turn them into clients. 

How is AI used in email? How can you increase the effectiveness of your email marketing while reducing the time involved in sending out messages? There are ways to use AI to improve your campaigns and save you time. 

1. Personalize Emails

You’ve likely heard the buzz about personalization. People don’t like feeling as though you’re talking at them instead of to them. They want to know you care about their needs and see them as a vital part of your company. 

AI helps you analyze patterns and build buyer personas to create customized content and language. The more you personalize your messages, the better received they’ll be. 

2. Utilize Big Data

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Big data offers advanced solutions when managing your staff and customer relationships. For example, health care information technology invests over $1.7 billion a year in AI to ensure smoother operations for workers and patients. 

Any industry can benefit from an analysis of all available data. Discover patterns in productivity for your workers, identify pain points you can easily solve, and tap into customer relationship management (CRM) opportunities by identifying problem areas and weaknesses before they become serious issues. 

3. Time Your Campaigns

When you send out an email might be as important as what’s inside the message. Today’s third-party servers give you an option to turn on tracking. Smart machines then analyze past campaigns and open rates to identify the optimal moment to send your email.

You might even find different audience segments prefer different timing. Some of your clients might be in Eastern Standard Time, while others are on Pacific. Divide users by time zones and what timing results the best response. 

4. Get Agile

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In a study of marketing professionals, 53% of teams said it took them two weeks to formulate a single email. About one-quarter did the same work in three days or fewer. AI allows you to create more agile email campaigns, giving you a considerable edge over your competition. 

Let the machine choose the best headline based on past campaign statistics. Plug in information automatically, utilize templates to save time, and present campaign parameters to avoid repeat efforts with each email. 

5. Find New Audiences

AI analysis is an excellent way to identify new audiences. Tap into your CRM software and see if there are segments you haven’t reached before. Separate them into a new group and send out emails addressed specifically to their needs.

Segmentation is probably one of the most effective parts of today’s modern email marketing software benefits. You choose the parameters and divide the audience any way you’d like. You can divide by when they joined your list, interests, location, and many other finer points. Once you have segments, it’s easy to adapt your emails a bit to best suit those audiences. 

6. Propagate Content Automatically

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With around 254.7 million email users in the United States alone, you already know how essential a strong presence is for your brand. However, coming up with all that content daily, weekly, or monthly is exhausting, even if you have a dedicated team.

Fortunately, you can automatically send content without doing additional work. For example, you can integrate an RSS feed into your template. Whenever you post something new on your website, an email goes out to your subscribers letting them know and offering a short snippet of the post. 

You can also aggregate content from other sources and plug it into your newsletter. Anytime you can make something you create pull double duty, you’ll save time and effort while still making a strong impact on your customers. 

7. Conduct A/B Tests

It doesn’t benefit you to send out emails without any idea of how effective they are. Fortunately, AI multivariate and split tests show which headlines work best, which times get the most response and which topics resonate with your audience.

Test everything you can possibly think of. Divide your subscribers into additional groups and test some more. The more information you have, the better you’ll be able to speak to your customers in a language they respond to. 

Look for Ways to Save Time

The benefit of AI is the ability to save time but increase output. Think about the information that helps you most in your business goals. Tap into automations making the most sense for your brand image. It may take you a minute to set them up, but once they’re in place, you’ll save time and effort while reaping the rewards.