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How to Choose a Color Scheme that Increases Email Conversion Rate

Billboards, ads, and even email are used to promote goods and services.

Email is harder to ignore than billboards and TV commercials. Due to insufficient capability compared to more sophisticated alternatives.

Email generates $44 each $1 invested. To maximize your investment, you must grasp email marketing. Email color scheme impacts conversions.

Potatoes? Indeed. Our eyes can identify 10 million hues from an infinite number.

Color does more than look lovely, says study. We behave differently. Even email.

Most marketers concentrate on subject lines, pre-header content, and email copy to increase email conversions. Readers typically disregard color’s impact.

Colors and their different moods

Colors affect our mood, according to research. Certain colors impact human behavior—especially purchasing.

Using the appropriate color scheme may impact how your subscribers feel about you and your company.

Let’s look at how common colors make us feel.

Research has shown that colors have a significant influence on the way we feel. In fact, certain colors actually influence our behavior—particularly buying behavior.


Red symbolizes passion, energy, and action. Red stimulates hunger. Hence Coca Cola’s brand color, red. They also utilize the term happy to boost the enthusiasm the color causes. Red gets marketers’ attention.


Orange symbolizes creativity, adventure, passion, and success. Home Depot chose this hue to promote consumer creativity.


Yellow evokes happiness, cheerfulness, and positivism. If your brand is “cheerful,” utilize yellow in branding and marketing. 


Blue inspires trust, harmony, confidence, tranquility, and quiet. Blue emails show reliability and trustworthiness.


Green is sometimes associated with jealously and jealousy, although it can also be uplifting. Health, growth, fertility, riches, and charity. Consider using this hue in health and fitness email designs.


Purple, the color of royalty, has additional implications you might employ in email marketing. Purple symbolizes strength, elegance, knowledge, and spirituality.

Colors spark memories

Colors stimulate recollection. Marketers should understand color psychology. Knowing how colors effect your clients may help you promote your business.

From a distance, a red can suggests Coca-Cola.

Invest time and money on your email’s color palette. Your subscribers should recognize your colors everywhere.

People purchase what they know. Color is the first step in recognizing a brand.

Let’s look at how color can boost conversions.

1. Realize gender matters

Before applying your chosen color scheme, you need consider gender and color psychology. Big one.

Women view the color spectrum differently than males because they have an additional photopigment. So they favor particular hues. Male and female color preferences are seen below.

Women view the color spectrum differently than males because they have an additional photopigment. So they favor particular hues.

Because women have an extra color photopigment in their eyes, they see the color spectrum slightly differently from men. And this causes them to prefer certain colors over others.

By recognizing these distinctions, you may boost your email campaign conversion rate by segmenting your list by gender and employing each gender’s preferred color scheme.

2. Colorize your CTA button

Your email’s call-to-action button is crucial. A lot of study and effort has gone into designing the most tempting CTA button.

Your CTA button must be well-designed and include the proper color to enhance conversions.

Bright colors will have your subscribers click your CTA. Red inspires energy, activity, and urgency.

3. Compare and contrast

Use contrast to boost email conversions. Contrast, a centuries-old art technique, may help you convert.

The Isolation Effect suggests the most memorable aspect is the one that sticks out. In your email marketing plan, this involves using a contrasting color for the most crucial piece. Usually, it’s the CTA.

4. Color-coordinated pictures

Images in emails improve engagement. Not just any gorgeous picture will boost conversions. You’ll need a picture that matches your color scheme and evokes the right feelings for your email.

You’ll need a picture that matches your color scheme and evokes the right feelings for your email.

You’ll need an image with colors that not only blend well with your color scheme but elicits emotions in line with the purpose of your email.

Wrap up

By knowing how various colors affect your subscribers, you can create successful email marketing campaigns. A high-converting email requires more than just color.

Keep these points in mind:

  • Colorize your CTA
  • Compare and contrast
  • Choose colorful pictures
  • Be true to your brand