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4 Great Email Templates for Real Estate Agents

Real estate is unlike any other sector since you are selling an investment and a future rather than a commodity. Over 673,000 properties were sold in the first quarter of 2019, a 12.4% increase over the same period last year.

Marketers in the business have a large audience with which to operate. According to reports, the average price of even the most expensive properties has dropped by 1.6% this year, and purchasers are understandably excited. This is where efficient email marketing comes into play.

Continue reading to view our best real estate email marketing templates, as well as critical insights on what makes them successful.

Real estate marketers should think about email stats

Great email marketers monitor their stats and utilize them to enhance their strategy. However, the metrics you measure are heavily influenced by your industry.

You may be measuring a number of indicators, but which ones are most relevant to the real estate sector, and why?

Rate of conversion

When you send emails, you are paying attention to a variety of outcomes. For example, maybe you’re keeping a careful eye on open and click-through rates. These indicators are significant, but conversions are by far the most crucial measure of success.

What happens once your subscribers click the link? Do they request a property tour? Do they ask for financial assistance? Whatever action you want customers to do in order to go through the sales funnel, the conversion rate is the best method to track it in email marketing.

Rate of Bounce

When looking for a home, folks may consult with many firms and brokers. As a result, it’s critical that your email reaches potential consumers rather than being spent on closed email accounts or cold subscribers.

Bounce rates indicate you which of your emails were never delivered, allowing you to fine-tune your subscriber list appropriately.

Rates of list expansion

Your subscriber list will most likely expand as you become more successful and attract more customers. With the correct email content, homeowners and property developers will see you as an expert resource.

Subtract the number of unsubscribes from the number of new subscribers to see how well your list is expanding. The difference is then divided by the total number of email addresses on your list. Finally, increase that figure by 100 to get your list growth rate.

Continue reading to view email templates for your next real estate promotions.

Email templates for real estate marketers to experiment with

Email marketers cater to a diverse clientele. In 2018, almost 50% of purchasers found their houses online, compared to around 28% who found them via a real estate agent.

Templates are a terrific choice whether you’re new to real estate marketing or simply seeking for new ideas. You may get a tried-and-true format for your material while saving time and money. By not having to start from scratch, you can concentrate on the content rather than the overall design.

You have a system and foundation in place with templates, but you can easily change the look and content to reflect your agency or sales approach.

Zillow delivers the options to your mailbox

This is a Zillow email example showing email marketing templates for real estate

With their presentation, Zillow gets right to the point. Anticipate what potential buyers may ask when selling a home.

How does the home seem, and how much does it cost? What are the characteristics, besides from the area? Even information such as how long the property has been on the market may be beneficial to clients, and it can help you generate a feeling of urgency.

House seekers will benefit from the sleek design as well. Weighing choices is a given when a person is preparing to make this sort of investment. Buyers like seeing many, well-organized products in a single email. This design is not only efficient, but it also gives an excellent user experience.

When it comes to offering alternatives to purchasers, Trulia goes above and beyond

This "This or That" Trulia email is an example of email marketing templates for real estate

Simplifying comparisons for your prospects is one method to combat house overload. Compare various properties in email newsletters, as seen in the sample above, which compares two properties side by side. What is the connecting factor? The purchase price.

Open Agent makes it simple for vendors

This Open Agent real estate email template gives a step-by-step guide for subscribers

The real estate business is much more than just the purchasers. Sellers have a significant role in the equation as well. Sometimes your service assists individuals in selling.

This is a big effort for many individuals. It’s quite complicated, and the stakes are high since it’s a transaction in which people want to get the most bang for their buck. This email provides a nice, straightforward presentation to assist prospective sellers in reaching contact.

When attempting to assist someone in selling their property, consider how they may be feeling. Unless they are a seasoned real estate agent, they will most likely find it difficult to handle all of the aspects of this procedure. This email takes a step back and simplifies everything.

Redfin assists first-time homebuyers

This Redfin email simplifies the buying and selling process, making it a great email marketing template for real estate

Wrap up

These real estate email templates demonstrate how the business offers some unique marketing options. These strategies might be the answer to increasing critical KPIs.

  • Consider your most critical indicators to be conversion rates, bounce rates, and list growth.
  • Make use of basic templates that arrange a lot of information.
  • Target both sellers and buyers, as well as any other prospective area of the real estate market.