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4 Franchise Email Templates to Set you up for Success

When it comes to promoting their business, franchise owners often depend on their marketing staff to generate the finest email templates. Franchise owners, unlike many small companies or family-owned brands, must cater to several locations and many distinct markets depending on each franchise location.

While it is easier for each franchise to engage its own marketing staff to manage its own area, this is not the best option. This might result in a variety of challenges, including a lack of brand consistency, which could lead to a lack of overall brand recognition and lost income.

It is critical to have a consistent marketing plan throughout your whole franchise, particularly when it comes to digital marketing methods.

Creating franchise email templates for your whole business may seem to be a big undertaking, but don’t worry! We’ve gathered a some of our favorite franchise email templates to help inspire your team’s creativity.

Newsletters are one of the most common types of emails delivered to brand subscribers. They’re great because they allow you a one-stop shop for sharing all of your brand’s news, as well as updated and unique material to help you position yourself as an authority in your area.

Newsletter templates are available in a variety of formats; nevertheless, some of the most successful templates have a common basic pattern (like the one below). It grabs your audience’s attention with visuals while delivering brief blurbs about the information you link to.

Newsletters are a staple in any email marketing strategy

The email for the product
Your franchise has something to offer your target audience, which means you’ll have to communicate it with them. Having a product template ready and accessible ensures that your franchisees may communicate relevant product information while keeping brand consistency.

McDonald’s does an excellent job of giving its franchisees with a template that can be used year after year by just changing a picture.

Brand consistency is everything, so have easily customizable product templates ready to go

The first email
The welcome email, or sequence of emails, is critical for connecting with your audience members. These messages are designed to not only greet new subscribers, but also to familiarize them with your brand and all it has to offer.

Keeping brand recognition at this level is critical, therefore having a welcome email template ready is key.

Making your email subscribers feel welcomed is a vital part of any marketing strategy

The holiday email

The holiday email Holidays occur all year, and having a consistent franchise email template that is sent to all of your subscribers is critical to fostering a feeling of community. Whatever the holiday, your business may tailor goods or services to meet the demands of your target demographic.

This Starbucks example is wonderful since it can be instantly adjusted to any holiday in any location with a simple product switch and some text.

Celebrate every holiday with your audience

Finish up
Having an email marketing plan is essential for every franchise owner; but, you must also keep your franchisees in the marketing loop. Having ready-made franchise email templates is a terrific approach to reduce everyone’s burden while still maintaining brand consistency.

Here are a few franchise email template ideas to get you started:

Product emails are included in the welcome email.
Holiday emails from the newsletter