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5 Tips on How to Improve Your Email Personalization Strategies

Successful email marketing calls for strategic steps. Amongst other things, one way is to have a personal relationship with customers. In other words, building meaningful relationships with customers, that will in turn yield more investment returns. An estimated 3.7 billion people used email in 2017. Statista predicts that this number will increase to 4.7 billion by 2022. This shows the importance of growing your email marketing strategies, including email personalization.

Knowing about email personalization is one thing, using it strategically to grow your brand is another thing. So, let’s take a look at what email personalization actually means before diving into how to best utilize it.

Email personalization is using subscriber data to provide them with more relevant offers. The content in a personalized email is tailor-made for each recipient. It surpasses just collecting recipient names. Collecting other useful data will help you understand your subscribers better and find new, more efficient ways to serve them.

How to Improve Your Email Personalization Strategies

Identify Your Goals

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A goal-oriented person has never been defeated. Setting goals for yourself gives you a framework to work and plan around. Write down what you hope to achieve from personalizing your emails.

Don’t do it just because others are doing it. It’s important to understand why you’re doing it. Now that you’ve done that, your goals must be attainable. Set feasible objectives. As you think of ways to optimize your personalized emails, you might ask yourself some questions:

●  Do you want to include any specific details relating to your subscriber? For instance, their birthday or various anniversaries.

●  Do you want a conversational tone or a formal tone? The suitability of each may be dependent on various factors, such as your customers age, role, or where they’re from.

Use Residential Proxies

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residential proxy is an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Regardless of the kind or amount of data that needs to be collected, it must be accurate. Residential proxies help access the results of local search engines, allowing us to better understand what customers want. Residential proxies also enable you to get guaranteed data retrieval from search engines. This helps you extract data faster and collect accurate data from your customers. This will help tailor your email personalization strategy to your customers’ needs.

Use Personalized Content

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Your email content should be conversational and friendly. Remember, you want to grab your customers’ attention, and help them understand you know their needs. Include a bit of humor in your emails. This will make them feel like it’s coming from a friend instead of a business. 

Using data you collected from them, send them content that a caring friend would send. That way, they feel comfortable and always expectant to receive your emails. You want your customers to feel cared for, and thus to see you as more than just another company they do business with. When they gain confidence in you as a friend, they will come for your products or services you offer on their own.

Ask the Right Questions

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When a subscriber visits your website, it’s important to ask relevant questions. These questions help you understand the exact needs of your customers. Doing this will help you craft better marketing content. Don’t settle just for their name, you can get other details as well. For instance, you can ask why they are visiting your site, or where they live. Say you own a clothing store, you may want to know:

●       The type of outfit they’re more comfortable wearing

●       Their favorite colors

●       How they like to accessorize

●       About their body type

This will help you offer them content they will find more interesting.

Send Subscribers to Customized Landing Pages

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You can add more effort by expanding the personalized experience you’ve created. Personalize your brand’s website for your subscribers. Instead of sending them to the same website page, segment them based on the information you’ve received. When you’ve done that, send them to a landing page that is designed to address their needs. By doing this, you’ll make it easier for your customers to navigate your page. This extra step will enhance your relationship with your customers. 

Conclusion about email personalization strategies

The ability to cater to the needs of your customers will build trust and loyalty from them over time. In your email personalization strategies, be goal-oriented and have a vision for your brand.. Remember, how you relate with your customers goes a long way. Don’t forget to always write down your goals and ideas each time you have one. Extracting customer data using residential proxies is great, just make sure you don’t overuse it and make it creepy. Last but not least, don’t just be a business to your customers, be a friend.