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Follow These Thirteen Ways To Boost Your Email Campaigns

The mailbox of the average customer is cluttered with marketing messages, competing subject lines, and a plethora of attention-seeking emails. Email marketing is still one of the most effective vehicles for corporate communication, with over 144 billion emails exchanged every day.

So, how does the signal distinguish itself from the background noise?

To be sure, identifying the secret to a unique message is vital to your bottom line: whether. The following are thirteen tested email marketing methods employed by successful senders to have their emails clicked and opened.

Make use of an email planning template

Email Planning Template in Excel

Before you begin emailing your whole client database, you must first devise a strategy. That’s why HubSpot designed this free email planning template to assist you in determining who you’re contacting, who you’re removing from your contact list, and what the content of the email is.

Determine your campaign’s aim

Determine the desired outcome:

  • Is it to clear out your to-do list?
  • How about promoting a new product?
  • What happens after an abandoned cart event?
  • Keep your audience’s attention?

Know who you’re emailing

Have you ever heard Meredith Hill’s adage, “When you talk to everyone, you speak to no one”? What Hill is saying here is that if you shrink down your message to apply to your whole audience, you’re passing up a chance to create high-value, particular, relevant material that speaks specifically to the receiver.

With this in mind, understanding your target and utilizing email segmentation to guarantee you’re sending to the right people at the right time is the key to an effective email marketing campaign. If you can do this and incorporate it into your approach, you will be able to be more creative and particular with your message.

Put yourself in the buyer persona’s shoes

You now need to strategy how to deliver value to your buyer persona so that they convert, engage, or take the action you want them to do once you’ve determined the result and objectives you want to achieve. Some questions to consider include:

  • How did they get started in the first place?
  • What is important to them?
  • What can I provide that will pique their interest and pleasure them?

Create a targeted list and specify your criteria

You know who you want to influence and what you want them to do. The part must then be built from there. What characteristics do your buyer personas all have in common? How do those properties appear in your CRM?

Your program is intelligent, but it is not intelligent enough to recognize which recipients you are sending to. Will the recipients get the emails at the same time, or must they fulfill particular requirements before being enrolled in the sequence or campaign?

Determine the time frame for which you want the campaign to run

You may be conducting a seasonal campaign that involves just one or two emails, or you could be developing a long-term top-of-mind nurturing campaign. In other words, give the appropriate message at the appropriate moment.

Make a plan for your emails and follow-ups

Once you’ve determined who you’re contacting and why, it’s important to plan how to get them from A (where they are) to B. (where you want them to be, the goal of the campaign).

You may desire many touchpoints over the campaign’s timeframe. You should also think about follow-ups depending on the activities that each receiver performs. Plan out these emails, stating the main message and takeaway for each one.

Create compelling topic lines

The subject line serves as the entry point for the remainder of your email. Unless your buyer persona clicks the subject line, they will not be exposed to your content. With that in mind, employ this valuable real estate for material that entices readers to read on. You may do so by:

  • Arousing their curiosity
  • Promising worth
  • Making a loop (that will be closed in the body of the email)
  • Starting the discussion with your distinct voice
  • Making use of personalization

Combine it all with a complete email builder

After you’ve written the text for your emails, you should design them in the email software client you want to use. You can construct, optimize, and customise your own email campaigns using a full email builder without any technical or graphic design skills.

Include strong calls to action

Consider what you want your email recipients to remember about you. In most circumstances, you’ll want to include a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage them to take more action.

The purpose of the CTA will differ based on the stage of the buyer’s journey of the audience and what you want to achieve with your email campaign. Whatever it is, you should adhere to CTA best practices such as presenting the request in plain language and accentuating it with contrasting design elements.

Always make it easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe

People that refuse to read your emails should not be on your list. Keeping them merely distorts your open numbers and increases the amount of individuals who advertise your emails as spam.

Check your emails to ensure they operate on all devices

Once your emails are completed, double-check them before clicking the send button. Email marketing campaigns that are effective are created for all platforms on which people may view their emails – desktop, tablet, and mobile. Consider sending them to a coworker as a test and testing them across numerous devices and email applications.

Regularly monitor your stats

Take notes as the campaign progresses. Are your open and click rates in line with your expectations? What went good against what did not go well? Are you on pace to meet your campaign objectives?

The more you pay attention to data, the more you’ll be able to learn what works and what doesn’t for your target audience, resulting in more successful campaigns in the future.


When it comes to marketing emails, don’t merely stick to best practices. With a little forethought, every email you send from your business email account may be optimized to convert.

Watch this video from CXL with Ezra Firestone as he shows how email marketing is the number one option for your brand to learn more about why email marketing still rocks today and how to enhance your tactics in the business sector and technological progress.