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6 Ways to Avoid the Spam Filter

There are several methods for avoiding the spam filter. The list below is a good place to start when it comes to optimizing your email marketing approach. When paired with proper practices for email marketing, you should be able to escape the dreadful abyss of spam.

1. Begin with the topic lines

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Begin with your email subject lines, like with any smart email marketing advice. A excellent subject line will grab the attention of your reader and urge them to open your letter. A badly worded one, on the other hand, will be ignored or, worse, flagged by a spam filter.

Subject lines in all uppercase or punctuated with exclamation marks are popular spam triggers. However, there are a few terms or phrases to avoid:

  • Weekly earnings
  • Additional earnings
  • Home-based enterprise
  • Earn money
  • Shopper
  • Quick money
  • F r e e
  • There are no costs
  • Passwords
  • Success
  • Please visit this page
  • Form
  • Increase your sales
  • This is not spam

The list above just scratches the surface of spam trigger phrases seen in email subject lines.

Are you concerned that your subject line may come off as spammy? There is an easy way to get started: Trust your instincts. Consider it from the perspective of a customer.

2. Do not include forms in your emails

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As much as we like coming up with innovative methods to keep our marketing emails readers interested, incorporating a form isn’t always a smart idea – particularly if you’re asking for sensitive information. When these types of forms are embedded in an email, your subscriber’s email service provider is likely to mark it as spam in order to protect their client from a phishing scam.

That is not to imply that you cannot include forms in your email. Avoid, however, any form or survey that requests the following personal information:

  • Name
  • The email address
  • Location
  • Payment information
  • Telephone number

Instead, utilize a call-to-action to urge your subscribers to contribute comments or information (CTA).

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3. Uninstall Flash and JavaScript

Because of specific settings from email service providers, both flash and JavaScript parts often fail to operate properly. The spam filter will be triggered by most rich media and/or dynamic scripts. As a result, it’s advisable to ignore these two characteristics entirely.

4. Do not include any attachments

Attachments are not appropriate for any email marketing message since they are seen as shady or too intimate to come from a business.

Attachments are often exchanged between specified persons, which is why most email service providers flag attachments in emails.

Another reason most email service providers limit attachments is because documents are simple methods for harmful malware to proliferate.

Instead sending an attachment, offer a CTA that directs subscribers to a landing page where they can download straight from your website.

Mod&Dot email example

5. Avoid using spam trigger words

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When we spoke about creating non-spammy email subject lines, we mentioned the usage of spam trigger phrases. These trigger words should also be avoided in the body of your email message. When such filters are in the body of your email, people may just as readily flag them.

Consider your email from the consumer’s perspective once again. Would you classify this mail as spam if you received it?

6. Email list hygiene is essential

Email marketers recognize the impact that a bounced email may have on their overall deliverability rates, and that email list cleanliness can assist prevent these bounces. This method may also help you evade the spam filter.

You will be alerted if your email is flagged as spam if you use email marketing software. Your program may sometimes inform you who the receiver was, and if so, you should delete that subscription from your email list.

If you continue to send information to someone who has labelled your email as spam, their email service provider may classify your communications as spam, preventing other subscribers who use the same software from seeing your messages.

This cycle reduces your total deliverability rate, sender score, and email sender reputation.

Wrap up

Because of an email service provider’s or a subscriber’s personal settings, evading the spam filter might be challenging at times. However, there are other approaches of dealing with the problem.

If you want to evade the spam filter, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Avoid using all capitals and exclamation marks in topic lines.
  • Avoid including forms within your emails.
  • Remove all Flash and JavaScript components.
  • Sending emails with attachments should be avoided.
  • Remove spam trigger words from your email subject line and message body.
  • Keep your email list clean by eliminating addresses that have bounced many times.