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Seven Email Marketing Brand Examples on a Budget

Email marketing, as it is often known, is a tactic used by organizations to acquire and keep consumers and subscribers.

Whatever kind of email marketing you use, it is still the most effective approach to convert individuals into consumers.

To help you develop that engaging boost from your consumers, here are some fantastic firms that use email marketing on a budget.

Email newsletters

Newsletters are an excellent method to keep your email list informed about your company’s blog material, events, changes, and announcements. Newsletters are often divided into parts so that businesses may emphasize a variety of items in a single email. Consider it a technique to kill two birds with one stone while avoiding cluttering your clients’ inboxes.

Here’s an example from The Orchard, an Australian advertising agency:

Email Health Check from The Orchard

Email promotions

One of the most typical methods for companies to utilize email to increase sales is via promotional emails.

Customers adore them as well.

Here’s how Cava advertises their dip choices at Whole Foods:

Cava promotes its dip selection at Whole Foods

This email is appealing to subscribers and consumers since the firm has included handy recipes for using their dips.

Emails of welcome

Small companies may capitalize on new clients or subscribers by sending welcome emails.

If a consumer buys a product, you can use a welcome email to explain how it works and assist them in getting started. If they’re a new subscriber, you may use the chance to explain them about your firm and how your product can help them achieve their objectives. Here’s an example of a welcoming and pleasant email from Headspace:

Welcome email from Headspace

Emails with content

Emails are an excellent technique to increase the number of people who read your blog articles or eBooks.

An email may be used to drive attention to a single article or to showcase a large amount of material at once. Help Scout, for example, utilizes email to send out a “best of” selection of their top blog pieces from the year:

Help Scout sending out "greatest hits" collection of blog posts

Emails with product updates

It is critical that any modifications to your product or service be informed to your consumers.

Emails are a fast and simple method to inform your consumers about the newest changes and feature upgrades, as well as how they will benefit.

Examine how Dovetail accomplishes it. This email, delivered in August, informs clients that they have introduced a few of new features since their previous update:

Dovetail product update email

What’s good about this update?

Dovetail new features summary

The new features are summarized in a paragraph for easier consumption. If a consumer wants to learn more about how the upgrade will benefit them, they may click on the CTA just underneath the notification.

Emails about upcoming events

The new features are summarized in a paragraph for easier consumption. If a consumer wants to learn more about how the upgrade will benefit them, they may click on the CTA just underneath the notification.

Liquorice, an Australian digital business, utilized email marketing to celebrate their studio expansion and spend Christmas with their customers. The email invitation was successful for various reasons:

Liquorice studio expansion announcement

Emails from abandoned shopping carts

Abandoned cart emails are often sent automatically by email marketing software. You’ll be able to follow a customer’s order and, as a result, trigger an email sequence to remind them to check out if they leave their cart before completing a purchase if you’ve invested in the correct email software (which we’ll discuss below).

The most successful abandoned cart emails, such as this one from Beardbrand, remind consumers of what they left behind:


Few marketing methods can compete with email marketing in terms of increasing revenue and creating customer connections.

The data is unambiguous. Most individuals check their emails on a daily basis, and emails continue to be at the top of the marketing list for generating conversions. It’s ideal if you’re short on funds and time, the risk is modest, and it’s simple to automate. With so many tools available at every price range, you can automatically send monthly newsletters, upsell emails, and promotional offers—all for free.

So, what are you holding out for? Begin gathering email addresses and creating a basic email campaign.