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More Than Email: The Future of Email Marketing 2022

The future of email marketing seems to be a recurring theme in the digital marketing headlines. And more and more marketers are coming to the same conclusion: email marketing is the best way to acquire and keep consumers.

Email marketing is predicted to gain traction over the next several years, maybe outlasting some of today’s younger marketing platforms.

Litmus recently polled customers to determine which marketing channels they think will be significant in the next ten years. Email marketing was the clear winner.

The future of email marketing is still vibrant – this chart shows the percentage of consumers who think these channels will still exist in 10 years

Yes, the face of digital marketing is evolving all the time. Email marketing, on the other hand, stays consistent.

Why email marketing is still relevant

Email marketing has a bright future, particularly as more and more individuals prioritize checking their email throughout the day, every day. It’s no surprise, given that our inboxes are continually clogged with anything from pleasant notes to business messages and, yes, commercial stuff.

According to Statista, there were over 281 billion emails sent and received daily globally in 2018, and that figure is likely to rise to 293 billion this year. In the future, that amount is predicted to climb to approximately 350 billion emails sent and received daily globally by 2023.

Another intriguing figure to consider: as of early this year, there were around 3.9 billion active email accounts in use. When compared to the total number of active social media accounts globally, 3.5 billion, it’s clear to understand why email marketing remains a potent tool for reaching customers.

Here’s an example of an interactive email sent from Two UK.

 An HTML interactive email that allows users to click on the Christmas tree to decorate it

The more you know about your subscribers’ behavior, the more you may customize future marketing initiatives for even greater outcomes.

This email from Away tells subscribers that they're getting a sneak peek at an upcoming release they know will sell out fast. This way, subscribers feel valued and they're going to keep opening emails from Away in order to never miss a deal.

Quality trumps quantity

Most marketing initiatives prioritize quality over quantity. If you put out a poor-quality message, no matter how many times it is read, it will not be relevant or well received by your audience.

The same principle applies to the future of email marketing: it makes no difference if you contact your subscribers daily, weekly, monthly, or annually if your material is of poor quality.

People sign up for your emails to get responses to their inquiries, product announcements, and other pertinent information. If you fail to deliver on your promises or give value straight to your subscribers’ inboxes, the odds of them unsubscribing from your list are considerable.

That is not to suggest you cannot curate information inside your niche; rather, you must ensure that the content you distribute is relevant to their goals and requirements.


The future of email marketing seems to be brighter than ever, which means that if you haven’t already joined the hundreds of organizations that use this digital marketing channel, now is the time to get started.

If you want to see for yourself why email marketing should be the foundation of your digital marketing approach, there is simply no time to waste:

  • Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways for establishing genuine connections with your target audience.
  • Email marketing enables you to communicate with your clients directly without depending on pay-to-play postings or changing algorithms.
  • Automation and segmentation save you so much time that you may spend less time marketing and make more money than ever before.