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5 Essential Elements of an Effective Welcome Email

Welcome emails have some of the greatest open rates of any kind of communication. They provide an excellent opportunity to engage new subscribers and persuade them to take action.

It is timely.

It makes a difference to send welcome emails as soon as possible. A significant difference, in fact. Welcome emails are effective because they are sent when a subscriber’s interest is at its height. Waiting even a few days may cause their excitement to fade, resulting in reduced engagement rates.

As you can see, 75% of users received welcome emails the same day they joined up. When it comes to delivering your welcome email, time is of the importance. This is the opportunity to provide subscribers the information they want right away.

A friendly welcome.

If you requested your subscribers’ names or other information when they joined up, now is the time to utilize it. And it’s always polite to just greet new subscribers, whether you mention their name or not.

Of course, personalisation may benefit every email. Personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened in emails.

Notice how the first and last names in the above example are pushed together? Remember to design your sign-up forms so that consumers understand what information to submit in each area. If you want the first name, for example, label the field “First Name,” not simply “Name,” else you may wind up with both first and last names.

Inform recipients of the following steps.

Keep new subscribers waiting for your next email. Instead, utilize your welcome email to highlight your greatest content.

For example, if you own a SaaS (Product as a Service) company, you presumably want new users to start utilizing your software as soon as possible. So make it plain to them how to get started. This may include a “getting started with email marketing” tutorial. You might perhaps take it a step further with an explanation video, like Noteagraphy has done:

Give a gift to subscribers

Welcome emails are an excellent spot to provide something extra to new subscribers. Typically, this is a discount on their first purchase or some very valuable free material. Here’s how RedBubble provides a discount coupon while also recommending some of their greatest products:

Request that your subscribers follow you on social media.

A few links to your social media networks in your welcome email is a good start, but it may be much better if you invite new subscribers to follow your company. After someone joins up, here’s how Food52 handles it: On the confirmation page, prospective subscribers are encouraged to follow the company on Twitter and Facebook.


Depending on your company’s demands, your welcome email might contain all of these aspects or just a few. The most crucial thing is to send each new subscriber an interesting welcome email.