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12 Months of Holiday Email Marketing

COVID-19 and its consequences have changed the way we approach email marketing, and with the busiest season approaching, companies must examine their Christmas email marketing strategy carefully this year in order to meet and exceed their consumers’ expectations.

With only a few tweaks to your email marketing efforts, your Christmas promotions will be ready to go.

January: Be cautious

Given the pandemic scenario, being attentive to your audience is one of the most critical things you can do. As email marketers, you must be empathetic to your audience, particularly if they are going through a difficult time.

There are several methods to be responsive to the demands of your audience. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Choose your words wisely.
  • Keep up with current happenings.
  • Make no light of the circumstance.
  • Consider additional sales or promotions to assist folks.
  • Be mindful of several holidays.

February: Make a plan

Because holidays are high-competition days, consider launching your ads early.

If you haven’t already, you should plan your email content schedule now since many of these events, such as Black Friday, the holiday season of Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and other holiday festivities, are approaching rapidly.

If you have heavily-designed emails that employ templates or varied pictures, it is best to know what designs you need now since it is difficult to catch up with campaigns afterwards.

March: Avoid sending too many emails

Sending too many emails will be the last thing you want to do since your readership will get overwhelmed.

You can prevent this by allowing customers to opt out of sales efforts. It’s also worth noting that customers’ inboxes are overflowing with emails.

April: Update your sales emails with dynamic content

Dynamic content is material that may change after an email has been sent to the inbox.

Emails are static, which means they never change. You will be annoyed if you send an email with a typo mistake in it since you know you can’t correct it, while if you publish anything in a blog post on your website, you can simply amend a little issue.

May: Create attention-grabbing subject lines

One of the most significant challenges throughout the Christmas season is that your target audience’s inboxes are inundated with emails. The subject lines are the most problematic aspect of holiday sales marketing.

Email marketers aim to be amusing, clever, and engaging, yet the following things happen:

  • Subject lines that are repeated
  • Subject lines that are dull and do not jump out at all
  • Emails are still unread since they were sent on a holiday.

If you send an email on a holiday, make sure the subject line is engaging and pleasant, rather than just stating “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or having a greeting that is the same for everyone.

June: Make your text simple to read

Again, people’s inboxes are often overloaded around the holidays, so make your emails really simple to read so they don’t waste time.

Avoid requiring children to read anything that is complex, convoluted, or weighty. You may also shorten your phrases and paragraphs, include a bulleted list in your email’s message, and use headings to split up portions of your information.

Also, instead of “we” or “I,” use “you.” Instead of talking about yourself, address your audience.

July: Remind subscribers of critical dates

This is an excellent example of reminding your subscribers of the great time of year by offering a discount.

Harry & David

August: Create gift guides

Whether you are engaged in e-commerce or not, this suggestion is still advised for you.

Creating gift recommendations is about creating a connection with your subscribers during the most exciting time of the year: HOLIDAYS!

For Her

This is really beneficial since many individuals struggle to purchase presents over the holiday season. Thus, gift guides are a terrific approach to not only aid your audience, which may increase your engagement ratio, but also to sell your items by showing them on the gift guides.

September: Being clear is preferable than being smart

Many individuals attempt to be creative, but when it comes to holiday email marketing, your audience is too busy to read clever material.

Email content does not have to be direct; it does not have to drop the bomb right away. But you don’t want to waste other people’s time, and charming material is precisely that.

October: Make use of alt text

Alternative text is text that appears behind an image if the picture does not display in the inbox because some individuals have their inbox images turned off. If a picture is missing, the alternative text is shown instead.

In fact, many businesses have inadequate alternative text or refuse to place alternative text behind their photographs. This is not a good example to follow because if anything goes wrong, you will be in a bad situation

Bottle Outfits

November: The month to get into the holiday spirit

It is not advised to be festive at the beginning of your email, but the greatest spot to be festive is in your email design.


This email is lovely, adorable, and visually attractive.

Get festive not just in your email design, but also with your subscribers by playing games with them and organizing prizes and other enjoyable activities.

Make them feel happy or sentimental about the holidays.

December: Is the month to show off your wares

This is critical in all types of organizations, including email marketing and e-commerce. 

World Market

They’re showcasing their specialized items in a variety of sectors.


One of the things you want consumers to do as a result of your email marketing is browse your items. You may really show off a certain product that attracts their interest in order for them to click and go to your website, and once you do that, they are already adding additional things to their basket.

So, don’t be hesitant to exhibit your items, utilize beautiful product images, and give customers a taste of what you’re selling with your email marketing.