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Eight Email Marketing Strategies for the Holidays (With Examples)

Have you been sending out Christmas emails yet? If not, now is the time to start, since many stores begin their marketing campaigns as early as October.

Given the large amount of purchases that occur between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, preparing your Christmas email marketing early is a wise decision.

Make use of a responsive email template

What does your email look like on mobile devices? Use a mobile-friendly email template, such as those provided by Campaign Monitor, and go the additional mile to assure success by utilizing our inbox preview function to check how your emails appear in over 25 different email clients, ensuring that your email looks great in every inbox.

Be picky about fonts

On mobile devices, everything is smaller. Subscribers should not have to use magnifying glasses to read your email, so choose a web-friendly font such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, or Georgia. You should also make your font larger for easier reading.

Keep it short

Five or six phrases might appear like a book on a tiny screen. You do not want to annoy your subscribers. Keep your email communications brief and to the point, and provide links to lengthier or more thorough information on your website or blog.

Decorate your subject lines with holiday cheer

Inform recipients of the contents of the email. Do you have a special offer? What exactly is the deal? How long does it last? Provide details so that recipients understand what’s in it for them.

In your subject lines, use common holiday customs to attract people to open your letter. You may include holiday items such as cookies and latkes, customs such as decorating the tree, opening an advent calendar, or lighting a candle, or winter-related themes such as snowmen and sleigh rides.

Offer offers that even Santa Claus can’t refuse

During the holidays, shoppers can’t resist a good price. Make it simple for people to purchase by presenting an irresistible incentive.

Sephora is sporting a festive holiday aesthetic as well as a tempting product promotion.

Compelling holiday discount email example
Source: Really Good Emails

 Birchbox handed out a bargain just before Christmas, but these prices are also valid before Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Last-minute deal email example
Source: Really Good Emails

Make abandoned cart reminders more appealing by including an incentive

Last year, marketers lost an estimated $8.6 billion due to mobile cart abandonment. Send an email reminding consumers of the things that are waiting for them to encourage them to finish their purchases. You might also consider providing an incentive. “In the spirit of the holidays, we’ll offer you 10% off the things in your basket when you finish your transaction,” for example.

Send an email with the subject “Celebrate the Season”

When a holiday arrives, send an email to your subscribers to share your joy. Instead of providing a coupon, do what Harley-Davidson did.

Celebrate the Season email example

From the PlayStation team, Happy Holidays!

This PlayStation Christmas email sample stuck out to us for various reasons. The main reason is because, in addition to a joyful Christmas message, they provided their subscribers with a unique gift to commemorate their membership.

An email example with a holiday greeting and included holiday gift offer
Source: Really Good Emails

Is this your final shopping weekend? Get in quick for up to 70% discount!

Michaels, an arts and crafts retailer, does an excellent job of keeping its customers informed over the Christmas season, and this email sample is no exception.

They remind their subscribers that there are only a few days left to shop before the Christmas holiday, as there are only a few days left to shop.

Holiday email examples of exclusive, last-minute deals
Source: Really Good Emails

Rifle Paper Co.: 30% Off Everything on Black Friday!

We liked this Black Friday email sample for a variety of reasons. It not only speaks to a broad audience, but it also employs some creative wording throughout. In the banner picture, for example, instead of targeting one reader, they utilize inclusive language to draw everyone together.

“All we want for Christmas is…”

Rifle Paper Co. likewise uses a clever CTA. They employed wordplay instead of a typical CTA. They chose “Go, Go, Go!” instead of Santa’s “ho, ho, ho!”

Black Friday holiday email example
Source: Really Good Emails

Tovala: Relax more. More reason to rejoice. Free Festive Recipes!

Who doesn’t want to spend less time worrying and more time celebrating over the Christmas season? Tovala’s Christmas email sample does an excellent job of pushing a purchase while also providing useful holiday tips and techniques for their subscribers to help them endure the hectic season.

Holiday email example with helpful seasonal recipes
Source: Really Good Emails


You can make the most of the Christmas season emails if you plan ahead of time. Simply remember the following guidelines and tricks:

  • Focus on mobile launches
  • Find a happy medium between information sharing, marketing, and seasonal wishes.
  • When you do offer discounts, make sure they meet the demands of your target audience.
  • Make your email subject lines unique.