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5 Most Effective Ways to Use Video in Email (With Examples)

So you’ve created some effective email campaigns, but you’d want to see if you can improve your performance numbers.

You understand that videos are an important marketing tool that may increase your open rates, but you’re not sure where to begin.

With a few video in email examples and a list of email marketing best practices, you can develop a campaign that provides value to your viewers and encourages them to interact with your company.

We’ve gathered all of those useful resources for you, but first we need to cover a few of other things, so keep reading.

What are the advantages of include video in email?

Email marketing is still one of the most widely used and efficient strategies for almost every organization. When you utilize videos to engage with your subscribers, they may be even more productive.

There are many important advantages of using video marketing into your email campaigns:

  • Social media engagement: Videos encourage clients to interact with your business. Social media videos entice 53% of your consumers to connect with your company. To take advantage of this, employ email marketing solutions to publish your email campaigns straight to social media.
  • Customer experience: Your consumers are always seeking for better methods to consume information. 72% would like to learn about a new product or service via video rather than text. Fill your videos with relevant material to maximize your return on investment (ROI).
  • Global reach: Videos are one of the most common methods for individuals to communicate with one another. As of 2019, video accounts for roughly 80% of all mobile data traffic worldwide. Emails are generally viewed more often on mobile, which means you may profit on integrating video in email even more.

Shorter emails tend to perform better in successful email marketing. Emails between 50 and 125 words in length have the best response rates. While certain situations call for lengthier content, emails aren’t the greatest location to store a lot of information.

Videos, on the other hand, are an effective method to pack a lot of information into a little amount of time. You may use the movie to go into precise topics while making your email subject lines and text as snappy as possible.

The 5 most successful email video examples

Choosing what style of video to make and where to host it is just the first step. If you’re looking for ideas for your next campaign, check out the video in email samples below.

1. Highlight the video in your email subject line

Any subject line is the most critical aspect of your email campaign. A engaging subject line boosts the amount of opens, which may result in more conversions.

In this case, Spotify emphasizes video as the primary feature of this campaign: “Why Spotify utilizes Framer X in this video.”

spotify campaign example

They feature a video thumbnail as well as a call-to-action (CTA) button to direct viewers to the video. The CTA is a bright blue button against a very plain email design, which draws the reader’s attention.

2. Recount memorable memories from your most recent event

Physical and digital event planners have a unique chance to profit on the use of video in email. It’s an excellent method to record significant moments from your event and urge people to sign up for your mailing list for next year’s event.

This example, provided by the organizers of Ghostfest, a gaming event, uses video to demonstrate how streamers engage with their video game.

Ghostfest campaign email

This email engages the reader with a clip, then follows up with a CTA button that connects to the video. They also give links to other popular videos that the viewer may find interesting.

3. Conduct an annual evaluation of anything distinctive to your brand.

Some businesses send out weekly or monthly newsletters with a plethora of brand information. Another technique to keep your subscribers up to speed on what’s going on in your company is to review your branded yearly conference.

In this video in email example, OnBrand sends input from important corporate workers to their clients.

Onbrand email campaign

OnBrand, like the previous email samples, has a clean and basic email design. On their website, they give a thumbnail of their video as well as links to the recap.

4. Send a Christmas message that is unique to you.

You don’t have to rely just on video to deliver information; emails are a terrific method to show your consumers how much you appreciate them. With email personalisation, this may be an excellent method for increasing visitors to your website. employs customization in this email sample to send a holiday greeting to its subscribers. campaign example

The video is the same for all of their subscribers, but they provide ideas for popular places that the reader would like in a festive style that draws the viewer’s attention.

5. Provide a lesson for new subscribers to your service.

If your audience are interested in a particularly unusual product or service, a video is an excellent method to demonstrate how to utilize it. Informational videos provide value to your subscribers and may inspire them to contact you with more queries.

In this example, Shopify delivers an instructional video to its new members.

Shopify campaign example

Shopify gives an extract from the video as well as a table of topics to give the audience a sense of what the lesson covers to showcase the value of their video.

Best practices for including video into email campaigns

You’ve honed your approach and believe you have a strong screenplay (because you used the video in email examples to guide your efforts). You’re curious about how to obtain the most views – and conversions – from your video marketing campaign.

These recommended practices for video in email marketing will help your next campaign succeed:

  • Make a good plan: You don’t want to put together your video on the spur of the moment. You must understand who you are targeting, what you want your viewers to perform, and what type of assistance you will need to accomplish this. You will also need to create a project timetable and budget.
  • Create the correct CTA: As part of your strategy, decide what action you want visitors to do after watching your video. You should put as much thought into your CTA as you do into your email subject line. The correct CTA will emphasize the video’s main argument.
  • Consider your audience: Consider how and when your viewers check their emails, as well as other demographics that may impact the style and distribution platform of your video. You may not be able to generate a video for your complete audience if you have a very long list.

When it comes to presenting a lot of information in what is intended to be a “fast read,” using video in email is a smart option. To acquire the maximum views, you just need to utilize it wisely.

Wrap up

Video in email is an excellent method to communicate with clients while also encouraging them to click through your email campaigns. You may build videos as basic or as detailed as you desire, and you can experiment with several ways before settling on a final draft.

Remember these three key insights when creating your next email marketing video:

  • The appropriate sort of video is critical to the success of your campaign.
  • To get great results, you need a captivating subject line and CTA.
  • Videos should be useful to your subscribers.

You can create an email campaign that attracts traffic and converts new customers with an effective marketing strategy and a few video in email examples to inspire you.