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How to Market on Reddit and Why You Should

When it comes to your brand’s social media strategy, you’ve most likely created a company profile on various platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, you may have contemplated building an Instagram page for your company—but what about other channels?

Has your company explored Reddit marketing as a way to reach out to customers?

If you haven’t already, you should.

What exactly is Reddit?

Reddit is an important social media network for marketers to consider, but what exactly is it? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are very clear, but Reddit is often seen as a more perplexing network by some users.

In a word, Reddit is a network of hundreds of sub-communities (subreddits) organized around certain themes or ideas.

What is the functionality of this social networking platform?

The social media behemoth operates by enabling users to access subreddits that are relevant to their own likes and interests. Users may then publish, remark, share, and so on, just like on other social networking sites.

However, one feature that distinguishes Reddit from other social networking sites is that each subreddit has its own set of rules and administrators, and they do not encourage explicit selling of goods and services. Most Reddit users aren’t looking to purchase anything; they want to explore, learn, and connect with people who share their interests—but don’t let that worry you.

Who does Reddit target?

Reddit reaches a larger number of individuals than most other social media sites—and by larger number, we mean a wider range of people. Because there are so many different subreddits for users to explore, it’s an excellent location to learn more about your brand’s target demographic, particularly if you’re wanting to grow your male subscribers.

Here’s a handy breakdown of who Reddit reaches in terms of typical visits.

Here’s a nifty breakdown on who exactly Reddit reaches, in terms of their average visitors.
Source: Neil Patel

How does Reddit marketing work?

You’ll want to utilize this one to get to know and connect with your audience. Visitors to this website are looking to be amused or educated. If you want to get the most out of this platform, use it as if you were a member rather than a salesman. That being said, here’s how every marketing team should approach Reddit:

  • Become a member. People are more inclined to listen to you and take you seriously if you are an active, real member of the community.
  • Give more often than you receive. Most Reddit groups have a basic guideline that you should contribute 80% of the time while only self-promoting your own personal content 20% of the time. We don’t mean offering folks links and samples of your own stuff when we say contribute—that comes within the 20% mark.
  • Be unique. Reddit is not like Instagram or Facebook, where you can quickly copy and paste your postings from one network to the next. That is just not how the site works. Getting creative with your material is dependent on which groups you join, so spend some time looking at what other people are publishing and learning from them.

Once you’ve established yourself as a legitimate person on the network, other people will begin flocking to you for information and relationships.

Reddit content that is ideal for marketing teams

After you’ve taken the time to establish your Reddit presence, you can begin focusing your efforts on providing optimal content for promoting your company on the social media network.

So, what are some of the best sorts of content that companies can utilize to boost their Reddit marketing efforts?


GIFs are some of the most popular pieces of material that people post on Reddit, so using them while engaging with your followers is nearly always a win.

Take, for example, this GIF of a sloth from GIPHY. It was classified as “returning to work after a lengthy weekend.” This might be used by a brand on Reddit to connect with people who aren’t looking forward to returning to “work as usual,” particularly after a lengthy holiday weekend.

Take this GIF of a sloth from GIPHY. It fell under a category of “returning to work after a long weekend.” A brand could use this on Reddit to connect with others who aren’t a big fan of returning to “work as usual,” especially after a long holiday weekend.

Images and memes

Pictures, like GIFs, are another technique to engage your viewers. Let’s use the identical scenario as before, this time in response to returning to work after a long weekend. This meme would be a terrific way to get Redditors to respond.

35 Painful Work-After-Vacay Memes for Anyone Struggling to Transition |  Fairygodboss

Although you are not actively promoting something, you are really interacting with your audience.


AMA stands for “ask me anything,” and they may be highly popular on Reddit. Larger brands have a lot of success in this scenario since it allows people to delve deeper into the brand or a specific person on a whole new level.

Followers may ask you absolutely anything, which fosters a feeling of honesty that audience members will enjoy, particularly if you respond honestly.

Followers can ask literally anything, and that creates a sense of transparency that audience members will appreciate, especially if you’re answering honestly.
Source: Social Media Examiner

Ask questions

Another effective technique to interact with Reddit users is to solicit their feedback. Consider the firm Wax & Wick, which sells candles to males. They turned to the social media behemoth to see what consumers had to say about promoting this niche, which is typically targeted at women, to guys.

Asking users for their input is another great way to engage with the users of Reddit.
Source: Reddit

Being open in this manner not only assisted the company in gathering crucial information, but it also increased interest in their brand. Many commentators not only added their two cents to the conversation, but also indicated interest in what they had to give.


While a robust social media plan is essential for every organization, Reddit marketing, while beneficial, is not for everyone. Brands want to know how well their efforts are paying off, since if the return on investment (ROI) isn’t there, you’re squandering time and money. While Reddit may not be right for every company, there are other options to consider, such as:

  • Facebook pages
  • Instagram business pages
  • Twitter pages