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5 Underrated Brand Strategy Ideas Flying under your Radar

Amazing goods and compassionate customer service are essential for growing your business. However, be honest with yourself: any firm can supply such services. How can you strengthen your marketing efforts and build long-term consumer relationships?

Answer: concentrate on brand identity.

Branding is the glue that holds everything else together. If you search for “brand development,” you’ll undoubtedly come across the same old advice: spend months developing your logo, carefully selecting your content tone, encouraging online reviews, keeping things consistent, and so on. You get the idea.

1. Interact with followers on social media

It’s the small things that count with this strategy. Scrolling over your Facebook page and just responding to comments demonstrates that you are reading what your fans are saying.

Twitter is a fantastic site for interacting with individuals that utilize trending hashtags. You do not have to continually speak about your business, product, or service. Simply concentrate on having meaningful one-on-one talks. This will be remembered.

Arby’s recognizes the importance of communicating with Twitter followers with simple answers. They’re not as ferocious as Wendy’s, but a few waves and answers may go a long way toward brand promotion when your rivals’ techniques require shouting into the online void.

2. Establish thought leadership via the creation of high-quality, authoritative content.

Creating thought-leadership-style material will help you stand out in your business. This is your long-form opportunity to speak out and express what you have to offer. Take a stand, add complexity to the topic, or say something thought-provoking.

You might accomplish this by:

  • lengthy authority blogs
  • eBooks
  • digital magazines
  • whitepapers
  • blogging as a guest
  • lengthy social media postings

Determine the sort of material your target audience like and meet them halfway.

Vibrams creates one-of-a-kind minimalist shoes for all sorts of outdoor activities. The brand has dedicated an entire landing page on its website to thought leadership on minimalist running. Customers may look through movies, tactics, and ideas to help them make the changeover.

3. Organize industry events

Perform a quick Google search to discover if any industry events are taking place in your region. Could you organize a comparable but distinct event for branding purposes? Webinars are a wonderful choice for worldwide (and busy) audiences.

Before you begin, think about what you want to teach people about and who will come. Lawyers, for example, may organize a Facebook Live “know your rights” event and answer questions to develop brand identification.

Keep everything free and without strings attached for events like this—even webinars. Nobody wants to go through a webinar thinking you’re simply trying to assist when the whole event was a huge sales pitch. This will assist you in making a true connection with your audience.

4. Make use of quality photographs and graphics

Don’t undervalue the importance of high-quality graphics. In many circumstances, stock photographs just will not enough.

Hire a professional photographer (or locate a college student searching for work) to shoot your crew and the building for use on your company’s website and social media channels. Images showcasing your items or services in action are an important requirement.

Remember how we said that openness is essential? Genuine photographs provide transparency at the heart of your brand approach.

5. Craft call-to-actions with care

Consider the following scenario: You’ve just finished reading a long-form blog piece on anti-aging from a wellness firm that was both instructive and empathetic. When you reach to the bottom, their CTA states, “Only 5 of our secret anti-aging cream remain in stock.” Order right away!”

You’d feel cheated, wouldn’t you? As if they were just manipulating you throughout the blog. Even if your CTA action isn’t objectionable in that sense, a lack of consistency might have an impact on your brand identity.

When developing a brand strategy, carefully integrate your CTAs with the same language and tone that you use in your blog posts, emails, and other material.

Wrap up

When it comes to brand building, you have a lot to think about. Most marketers will not have the means or time to use all of these strategies right now. Focus your efforts by identifying your target audience. What is significant to them? Where do they spend their free time? Consider areas where your brand might quickly or simply enhance, then proceed to establish a long-term brand plan and have a meaningful impression on your audience.