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Three Product Emails that Set the Bar High in Email Campaigns

Product emails may take several forms and have various degrees of success. Continue reading to learn about emails that work and why, so you may be inspired by these best-practice examples and use them in your shop.

Bose’s greatest headphones to date: keeping things simple
When it comes to stereo speakers and headphones, everyone knows that Bose is the industry standard. So, when you receive an email from Bose and discover that they are providing “Our Best Headphones Yet,” you can guarantee that Bose lovers will be curious.

Scrolling down provides you additional information about the firm and their goods, their expertise, and how to “get the most out of your headphones” if you don’t know who or what Bose is. Even yet, there isn’t much clutter. The text is well-written and to the point.

Source: Really Good Emails

Email Tees: A private club for your intended audience
Email Tees sells official email geek gear, and every email marketer is aware of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When more product marketing emails are sent out in three days than the rest of the month, it’s called the “deadline of death.”

So Email Tees presents a t-shirt with Tim Burton’s renowned typography and a parody of his classic Nightmare Before Christmas. This t-shirt is so precise that every email marketer who has ever labored toward the Cyber Monday deadline would immediately recognize it, but no one else will.

And it is precisely this feeling of togetherness and camaraderie that Email Tees expresses in their product email. And as long as the reader is a member of the email geek club, they don’t need many words to grasp it.

Source: Really Good Emails

Rapanui: It’s all about timing
After a long, scorching summer, fall temperatures just seem frigid. So, if you get an email asking whether you’re feeling chilly in the end of September, you can’t help but think, “Yes, can you help me do something about it?”

Rapanui can, which is why they’re giving a discount voucher for men’s and women’s sweaters.

Source: Really Good Emails

Wrap up of Really Good Emails
There are several more components that contribute to effective product emails that result in sales. In fact, you can discover a plethora of excellent examples just here.