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The Importance of Infographics in Email Campaigns

Is your email marketing coming to a halt? Do you have a high unsubscribe rate, or do you just lack subscribers?

Every email strategy has ups and downs, but there’s one important content type you could be overlooking if you want to start maintaining your email subscribers and converting more than ever before: infographics.

Why should you use infographics in your emails?
What percentage of your emails are opened? How many people click through from your emails to landing sites and links? How many sales arise from your email marketing efforts? All of this information will show you why you need infographics, so make sure you’re getting the necessary information.

Furthermore, as you may have heard, the average human attention span is now just 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish.

So, what are you going to do to maintain your subscribers and get more? Draw their attention.

Infographics convey information more quickly and efficiently
Your emails are intended to provide important information about your message, business, service, or product to your target audience. Instead than sending long-form emails (which, according to research, are seldom read), why not include part of that content into an infographic?

When you employ infographics in your email marketing instead of pages and paragraphs of text, you’re:

Engaging your readers’ attention – According to eye tracking research, subscribers overlook the introduction and the majority of the smaller content in your emails, looking for just what is most important to them.
Encourage action – Clear, relevant graphics and calls to action are more persuasive than raw text.

Email Marketing Infographics – How Data is Presented
  • Dissecting it – People want to understand your message without having to go through your tale or statistics.

To top it all off, infographics are the most effective approach for readers to remember what you’ve presented in your email.

Infographics are the following:

Within 13 milliseconds, it was identified
Processed 60,000 times quicker than text Recallable – up to 65% recall 3 days later!

Things to consider when using infographics in emails
The work you put into the quality and style of your infographics
Obtaining relevant material for your infographics
Including the appropriate number of photos in your emails
Finally, it’s time to start incorporating infographics into your email campaigns.

Suggestions for your email campaigns
If you’ve lost focus on your email marketing, or if your material isn’t engaging, your subscribers will stop subscribing. The same is true when it comes to presenting infographics; subscribers must be interested in the content. What is the most crucial piece of advice for utilizing infographics in emails? Make certain that they are required.

If you’re stuck on how to use infographics into your email marketing efforts, consider the following:

Creating an infographic from a long-form email

Turn Your Email Campaign into an Infographic

Using your own data to highlight points in your email

Webinars and Infographics – Engage and Educate

Making an infographic for signups

Sign Up Infographic for Email Subscribers

Connect your emails and content

Now that you’ve made an infographic that your email subscribers will like, let them know where they can discover more of your fantastic visual material. Share your infographics on:

Social networking sites (as image thumbnails or as standalone posts)
Emails (to accent your written text)
Blog entries (to break up the text or drive a point home)
Your video clips (instead of making people watch you the whole time)
Your advertising initiatives
Materials for printing (brochures, books, flyers, etc.)
Web content

The beauty of infographics is that they can be created in a single step. Create new infographics for different email campaigns and different messages, of course, but make sure you get those individual infographics seen in as many places as possible.