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Why Relevant Content is the Base of Your Email Marketing

Have you ever signed up for an email list only to be inundated with daily emails that don’t pertain to you or your interests? We’ve all done it. Nobody likes to receive impersonal email after impersonal email, particularly if the substance is unimportant.

You probably unsubscribed from that list, or you designated the emails as spam. What’s the good news? This most likely put an end to the emails.

What’s the bad news? The same thing might happen to your subscribers if you don’t provide relevant material to your list.

What is the significance of relevant content?

If you operate a company, you understand how critical it is to attract and maintain consumers. Perhaps the best approach to achieve these objectives is to demonstrate that you have things worth buying, deals worth redeeming, and material worth reading.

This is where relevant material may help.

Content (the articles, suggestions, offers, and content you send to subscribers) is an important component of developing your connection with them. In fact, 81% of marketing executives believe that content is at the heart of marketing.

In other words, competent marketers recognize the value of content. You build an organic process favorable to selling your items by providing relevant information that people want to absorb. You do this by providing content that people want to read and seek out. People that feel this strongly about your material will form a bond with you, and when the time comes for them to purchase, you’ll be at the top of their list.

Configure triggered emails

First, include particular triggers to automate certain emails. These triggers may be as simple or as complicated as you want, but the goal is to send an email at an important moment in your customer’s journey. So an email is sent when your subscriber does a certain action or reaches a specified milestone or date.

Welcome emails, replenishment emails, abandoned cart emails, and transactional emails are some examples. While each of these emails seeks to convert, they also have another purpose: they establish trust with subscribers.

Check out this Chopt welcome email sample to understand what we mean.

Check out this welcome email example from Chopt to see what we mean.

Schedule emails for holidays and special events

Another method for sending timely emails? Participate in the holidays and events that are important to your subscribers. This demonstrates that you are involved with the world around you and, more crucially, with the world that your subscribers care about.

Consider this Society6 email, which references many holidays and activities.

Consider this email from Society6 that mentions a number of holidays and events.

Concentrate on specialized initiatives

Localizing your outgoing messages is another approach to make your content more relevant. You may localize your emails to be extra relevant and accessible to your readers by gathering information on where they reside. Furthermore, regionally tailored material receives six times the interaction.

However, it is also critical to identify your target audience. Make sure your translations are appropriate for your readers’ cultural expectations.

Consider the two Vecteezy emails below. The first is in English, while the second is in Spanish. While they are arranged similarly and provide the same broad information, the Spanish version is not a word-for-word translation since it is prepared to be the best version for each subscriber who receives it.

Consider the two emails below from Vecteezy.


We’ve all been on the receiving end of a mass email campaign. It might seem impersonal and even overpowering when we get communications that do not appeal to us. However, your company may and should be distinct. Your readers will connect with your emails and even look forward to receiving them if you only deliver relevant material.

Content marketing is a successful, low-cost method of attracting and retaining consumers. Allow facts and data to guide your job. You will always provide relevant material to engaged subscribers if you combine this approach with a journey tailored for great user experience.