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What are Lead Magnets and Why do they Matter?

Your email subscriber list is a vital lifeline for developing interactions with current and new consumers. According to Smart Insights, email marketing is the top performer for one out of every three digital marketers.

However, before you can realize the advantages of email, you must first recruit email addresses.

You might rely on list purchases in the goal of “cold emailing” a prospect into converting. Purchased lists, on the other hand, raise additional worries about data quality, increased unsubscribe rates, and being classified as spam.

Consumers, as we all know, are wary of providing their email address for fear of being bombarded with sales pitches. It’s not as simple as merely requesting an email address or the “right to contact” without providing anything of actual value in exchange. Lead magnets bridge this gap by providing customers with access to desired content while also providing marketers with a new opportunity to collect contact information.

What exactly are lead magnets?

Marketers utilize lead magnets to give something of value to a prospect, much like a delicious bait on a fishing hook. The aim is to persuade your target audience to give you their personal information, including their email address and other useful demographic information.

Consider a hot dog brand aimed for busy families. You may place an email capture box on your homepage and hope for the best. A more successful strategy would be to advertise a lead magnet that includes quick supper ideas and recipes that use your hot dogs.

Lead magnets perform the following:

Showcase your knowledge or thought leadership.

Educate on a skill or procedure

Provide advise or ideas on a certain issue.

Increase market trust and awareness.

Lead magnets may take many forms, ranging from educational to just fun. When it comes to matching email marketing lead magnets, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

6 tried-and-true methods for gaining clients and leads

The high-value ideas listed below can help you generate ideas for your next lead generation campaign. What exactly are lead magnets and how can they help you expand your subscriber list? Read through this list and consider your clients’ preferences and habits to find the material that is most appropriate for your company.

  1. Research papers

Gather authoritative knowledge and data to educate prospective leads on a given issue, explain a complicated technology, or advocate a specific technique.

Because of their extensive and in-depth nature, white papers may be costly to produce, with significant lead times, and are often utilized for narrowly focused B2B audiences.

  1. electronic books

eBooks, similar to white papers but geared at B2C consumers, go further into more broad themes.

Because their purpose is to appeal to a larger audience, they tend to be more picture heavy and conversational, such as this photography beginners ebook.

See how FlyWheel provides eBooks on a variety of subjects relevant to their audience:

Checklists 3

By examining the dangers of a certain activity or process, you may create a list of “dos and don’ts” or “must-dos” to assure success.

This may be displayed graphically, similar to Wishpond’s landing page checklist, or in listicle fashion via a blog post. You may even make it fully interactive by including checkable boxes and editable files.

Webinars are another option.

Webinars attract attention for both the live event and the recorded version, as well as the accompanying presentation deck.

Use webinars to demonstrate thought leadership and expertise in your field, and provide guests the opportunity to directly participate during a Q&A session at live events. Include internal specialists and ask industry professionals to co-moderate talks for increased effect.

Sprout Social provides its clients with a webinar that covers current and essential industry knowledge:

  1. Interactive resources

Interactive technologies have been shown to increase content engagement. Quizzes, configurators, and anything else that needs user interaction are acceptable. Gamification-wise, these applications engage several senses and provide alternatives as limitless as your imagination.

SXSW attracts prospective concert attendees with an interactive quiz. The quiz adds value by assisting consumers in planning the optimal SXSW experience based on their quiz replies.

Podcasts (6)

Podcasts are an excellent approach to capture the attention of your prospective leads. To increase awareness and collect leads, you may either send invitations to the live podcast or bundle many episodes as a series.

Wistia Blog – How to Promote Your Podcast Through Email

Finish up

Once they’ve given you this important information, your duty is to keep sending them more tasty material in order to avoid the dreaded unsubscribe button or ending up in their rubbish folder.

Additionally, when you design your magnet parts, consider what will happen once you’ve attached them. Create a clear nurture path to continue building the connection from awareness through post-purchase.

Follow these lead magnet tactics and methods, and your email and customer lists will expand.