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Top 4 Secrets to Stop your Emails from Going to Spam

Social networks come and go like flies, but with email marketing, you need to be where people may see you, and the most likely method to accomplish so is to reach and arrive in the Inbox.

Would you put up with it if your mailman brought it to the incorrect mailbox? Certainly not!

So why put up with it when it comes to emails?

You may not know it, but your internet service providers (ISPs), which include email providers such as AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, and others, have their own algorithm. Every time you click ‘Send’ on an email, they evaluate it to see whether it’s spam or real.

Follow these measures to increase deliverability and the chance that your emails will arrive in the Inbox rather than the Spam Box.

  1. Cleaning tip: Clean out your email list.

It is critical to sanitize your email list on a regular basis. In email marketing, this is referred to as “list hygiene,” which indicates that you must send your emails to authentic and deliverable addresses.

It is only prudent to eliminate any subscribers who have not opened your emails in the last six or nine months.

You may also attempt to re-engage those subscribers on your list that you intend to remove by sending them a series of emails. The first email is to notify them that you haven’t heard from them in a while. The second email confirms that you are clearing up your email list. The third email would serve as a last reminder.

The value that email marketing teaches is that it is not the amount or size of your email list that is important, but the quantity of this list.

  1. Emailing tip: Avoid using spam trigger phrases in subject lines.
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When it comes to email marketing, the subject line is where the value is communicated. This might imply being forthright and informing the recipient of the benefits of opening your email.

Use terms that stimulate the customer’s attention in 50 characters or fewer. Don’t reveal everything right immediately. Leave some suspense in the email so that people feel driven to open it.

Just make sure that everything you tease in the subject line is delivered in the email body. Nobody loves misleading clickbait topic lines. Free, guaranteed, 100%, deal, reward, satisfaction, order now, investment, join millions, incredible, income, risk free are common spammy terms. Furthermore, subject lines account for 69% of spam complaints.

Writing down numerous variations of your subject lines and consulting with coworkers or friends for feedback is a great activity for determining whether your subject lines are exceptional.

  1. Balance secret: Use words and graphics to make your email content healthy.
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AWeber performed a survey and discovered that emails had an average of 434.48 words. As a result, if your email simply comprises a one-liner, your recipients will find you uninteresting.

You may have noticed that some spam emails are simply a few lines long, with few text and tight-looking images. Worse, the email just provides a picture.

Of course, you may use photographs to demonstrate the essential elements of your goods and services, but it is safer to strive to keep these images balanced.

Indeed, if your subscriber has a sluggish internet connection, graphics may take longer to load, resulting in your email not being viewed or read at all.

Again, keep your emails healthy by include a variety of words and imagery. It always comes down to not seeming to be a spammer in your subscribers’ inboxes.

  1. Scheduling tip: Determine how often you will send emails and stick to it.
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Inconsistency in sending emails is a typical error made by company owners.

People forget about you, according to today’s quote.

Thus, it is only prudent to prepare and adhere to a timetable for when to send your emails, whether on the same day of the week or if you like to spend less often, once a month is sufficient.

For the following 12 months, email your lists. Create relevant and compelling material to keep your readers interested. The more consistent you are in their inbox, the more likely your emails will be opened, read, and replied to.


In 2021, email marketing is still the most effective technique to sell your company. It is superior than Facebook or Instagram advertisements since you control the list.

Social networks come and go like flies, but with email marketing, you need to be where people may see you, and the most likely method to accomplish so is to reach and arrive in the Inbox.