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Six Emails Every Small Business Should Send

Small companies often concentrate their efforts on word-of-mouth marketing or social media buzz, but email marketing can be incredibly powerful when done correctly.

In other words, if you’re a small company owner who hasn’t used email marketing yet, you may be passing on a chance to create trust with your most loyal clients.

We can assist you in launching your next email marketing campaign. We’ve returned with another email roundup. Continue reading to learn about small business email best practices that you may use in your own company or industry:

Bakery in Noe Valley
Noe Valley Bakery is a delightful bakery located in San Francisco’s lovely Noe Valley neighborhood. With breads, cakes, tarts, and more, it’s no surprise that this business sees a lot of foot traffic from its neighbors.

Nonetheless, this little firm does not depend only on its location to attract clients. Indeed, Noe Valley Bakery’s weekly emails regularly promote the amazing delicacies available at the business.

Noe Valley's email is clean and vibrant. You instantly know the specialty item being offered for the week, and the email efficiently creates urgency by setting a deadline and using the phrase, “Last Chance.”
Source: Really Good Emails

Take note of how clean and vivid the email above looks. You immediately recognize the weekly special item, and the email effectively increases urgency by establishing a deadline and utilizing the term “Last Chance.”

Another reason this message was chosen as one of the greatest small company emails we’ve seen: Above, there is a single, obvious CTA (aka no choice dilemma), and instead of dull content like “Buy now,” the CTA fits directly with the email’s theme: “Let the good times flow!”

Oui Fresh + A Beautiful Mess
Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman co-own the fashion and lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess. ABM distributes tangible and digital things via various channels in addition to their internet presence. Many of the tangible things, for example, may be found on the extension site, Oui Fresh.

While many of the clothes and cosmetic goods are promoted on the site and on social media, A Attractive Mess marketers recognize the importance of beautiful, quality emails.

The ABM email advertises a sale without being too sales-y and the copy is short and to the point. Additionally, the text is incorporated in a clever way, so the email isn’t too busy.
Source: Really Good Emails

The email promotes a deal without being too salesy, and the language is brief and to the point. Furthermore, the content is cleverly blended so that the email isn’t too cluttered.

When you read this email, you immediately know what the deal is and how much money you’ll save. Is that all there is to it? Select the CTA.

Freund Container & Supply is situated in Illinois.

Freund Container & Supply is a Berlin Packaging firm that distributes wholesale bottles, jars, and other types of packaging. Following Berlin’s acquisition of Freund, email subscribers continued to receive the branded mailings they were used to, rather than being merged into a new list.

Furthermore, since this little firm is attractive to other companies, its emails are informative and engaging.

The Freund email begins with a graphic that builds interest and anticipation, as it tells customers that an announcement is coming soon.
Source: Really Good Emails

The email above opens with a visual that piques clients’ attention and develops anticipation by informing them that an announcement is coming shortly.

The email also aims to engage readers by incorporating a brief video, which makes the communication more enjoyable. The speaker in the video is Freund’s Vice President, which lends credibility to the subject and makes it more appealing to subscribers.

Deemer Floral Company
Deemer Floral Co. is a florist established in Kentucky with a significant local presence. However, this flower shop’s marketing tactics are not slowed by its success. Emails are sent to subscribers on a regular basis to remind them of the lovely presents they may give to loved ones.

The email above uses seasonal appeal in its messaging, encouraging subscribers to take advantage of the florals available during the cold winter months.
Source: Really Good Emails

The message in the email above is seasonal, urging recipients to take advantage of the blooms available throughout the frigid winter months. Seasonal emails may be quite effective in terms of opens and clicks (just remember to segment for subscribers in other areas).

Take note of the obvious CTA and how it is supported (but not dominated) by other links. There is a “Winter bouquets” option, as well as normal flower arrangements, to match the email’s subject.

Pizza by Sal’s Family
Sal’s Family Pizza is a neighborhood pizzeria in Nashville, Tennessee. Because of its useful emails, we’ve included this delectable joint in our collection of the greatest small company emails. While promotional emails are crucial, Sal recognizes the importance of user experience and simplicity.

Source: Really Good Emails

The Bookstore
The Bookshop is another Nashville-based establishment with a devoted following. With multiple ongoing events, The Bookshop appreciates the importance of incorporating crucial information in an email that is simple to save.

The Bookshop provides interesting information for its patrons and outlines the various events the store has as part of their ongoing series.
Source: Really Good Emails

As you can see from the email above, The Bookshop gives important information to its customers in order for them to participate in the store’s forthcoming activities. Subscribers may discover more about any event by simply clicking on it.

In addition, the business mentions a significant social cause: Poverty Awareness Month. This not only informs consumers about where their money is going when they purchase at The Bookshop, but socially aware firms are more likely to succeed in today’s market.

If you operate a small company or work in marketing, don’t depend only on social media or your physical presence to bring in clients. Email marketing, when paired with other marketing activities, may help your company remain on clients’ thoughts in the following months.

While you may be dreading the prospect of adding another item to your already-busy schedule, the fact is that email marketing may be a game changer without needing any more work on your side. Email marketing is an easy and profitable method to keep subscribers informed about new goods, company changes, and the causes that your small business supports. Additionally, your emails may be leveraged to bring value and convenience to your consumers.

So, if you need some inspiration from time to time, bookmark this website and refer to the greatest small business emails whenever you’re stuck.