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It is Better to Give than to Receive in Email Marketing

Need a simple method to get someone to sign up for your email list or visit your website? Give anything out for free.

Others may refer to it as a “bribe,” while others refer to it as “freebies” or “incentives.” Whatever you name it, as a list-building tactic, this technique may provide significant benefits.

Here’s a list of suggestions for appealing freebies to give away in return for an email address to get you started.

Make a deal or a discount

Isn’t it difficult to refuse free money? And that’s basically what you’re giving when you invite them to join your email list in return for a discount or voucher.

This incentivization method might be a win-win if you sell a product or service and are prepared to lower your price or rate.

When it comes to discounts, consider Banana Republic.

Allow your audience to participate in a contest or raffle

You use this method to provide a reward to one or more contest or giveaway winners. You may conduct your contest as you like as long as it does not break the rules of the site on which it is hosted.

As part of the procedure, acquire the participants’ email addresses. And choose a reward or giveaway that is linked to your company.

If you’re a social media manager, for example, you may provide a free online social media course as your reward.

Buffer’s advertising is seen below.

Use lead magnets to distribute your greatest content

You are not required to utilize a paid product or service as an opt-in incentive. You may also create a lead magnet to get individuals to join your email list. A lead magnet is a free resource you provide to your target audience in return for their email address.

Your lead magnet might be anything that your target audience would find valuable and related to your company. As an example, if you’re a social media manager, your lead magnet may be a yearly content schedule.

Consider using an online tool

If you look at other websites and blogs, you’ll see that the majority of lead magnets are digital resources that you can download as an electronic file. Your opt-in incentive, however, does not have to be anything you deliver to your subscribers.

Create an online tool and offer your audience to sign up for your email list in return for utilizing it to develop your email list.

CoSchedule, for example, developed a headline analyzer tool to assist users in writing better headlines for blog posts, landing pages, and other content.

It’s a very handy tool that a lot of copywriters, content writers, and marketers utilize. It’s also absolutely free. What’s the catch? To use it, you must first join up.

Give your content enhancements the emphasis they deserve

Content enhancements are lead magnets that are tailored to a certain blog article. They are intended to be a useful resource that will assist your readers in putting the knowledge you gave in the blog article into action.

For example, if the blog post includes an article on how to construct a welcome email series, the writer may provide an email series text template as a content upgrade.

The goal is to make your content update very relevant to your blog article, as well as actionable and beneficial to your visitors.

Allow time to go through your lead magnets and content updates

Have you ever noticed how your internet service provider (ISP) constantly attempts to get you to purchase more than simply internet access? They tell you that buying a bundle of services like internet, cable, and phone would save you a lot of money. A similar method may be used with lead magnets or content updates.

Give your resource library the exposure it needs

This method expands on the “bundle” concept and is ideal if you already have a number of lead magnets or content upgrades. Create a resource library that includes all of your materials instead of just one lead magnet or collection of resources. You may set up a resource library on your website or blog and need users to join up in order to access it.

As an opt-in incentive, Melyssa Griffin provides access to her resource collection.

Give it your all for a free webinar series

Your opt-in incentives do not have to be consumable resources on their own. Hosting a free online webinar may also make your opt-in incentives more engaging. Provide high-quality material or practical recommendations on a certain subject to make your webinar relevant.

Amy Porterfield grows her email list by enlisting participants in her free webinars, which she utilizes to promote her premium online courses.

Create motivation by organizing an email challenge

Like the concept of an email course but lack the time to create one? Consider having an email competition.

You create an email challenge by identifying a goal that your audience wants to attain and a sequence of actions that will assist them in achieving that goal. You provide them instructions for a new assignment every day or week.

The concept is that if your players do all of the activities before the conclusion of the challenge, they should be able to accomplish the objective.


Being attentive to your readers is one of the most memorable aspects of your email marketing trip. As a result, providing a way for them to be a part of your group is both prudent and timely. By following these suggestions, you will be able to increase your email list and allow it to develop successfully.

Watch Lidia S. as she shares opt-in freebies ideas to expand your email list to discover about extra incentives for your subscribers.