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Email Showdown: Casper vs. Leesa

No more bouncing from mattress to mattress in brick-and-mortar establishments for hours. Casper and Leesa are online mattress firms that deliver to your house. Amazon is now selling mattresses, so e-commerce businesses like Casper and Leesa must boost brand loyalty.

Casper began in 2014 and Leesa in 2015. What we’re debating today isn’t a snoozefest: Which online mattress business sends the most emails?



Casper’s email subscription form is at the bottom of their webpage alongside other contact details. It’s easy and unobtrusive, but I had to hunt for the sign-up form.

Free bedtime reading sealed the deal for me, although I’m not sure what it will be or whether it would be valuable as a customer.

New subscribers get this email after subscribing:

  1. First email

Casper welcome!

Sleepy? Same.

This email’s brand continuity caught my eye. The first email from Casper reflected my time on their website, from the color palette to the subject line.

Normally, I’d suggest the product photo should be “above the fold,” but it works here. Casper incorporates sleep and nighttime themes into a positive experience that goes beyond purchasing a mattress.

After the welcome email, new subscribers get subsequent automated emails, such as:

  1. Email education

Sorry, we’re sleep nerds.


Casper’s word choice impresses me as a self-proclaimed content nerd.

Casper’s product education emails find a fantastic blend between humorous and informative.

I appreciate that they link to a video for a thorough dive into the facts and offer an expert quotation for email skimmers. (15-20 seconds is the typical email read time.)

  1. Email FAQ

New message from Casper.

Let’s discuss.

Brilliant FAQ-turned-live-chat. The content targets the customer’s hesitations instead of waiting for them to approach Casper (or choose another mattress company).

The actual winner is the FAQ’s design and delivery. The imaginative, approachable live chat style helps Casper professionals become trusted experts.

Each email in Casper’s marketing cycle shows something new, yet it’s still the same veggie. Beware of the constant-yet-inverted color scheme and continuing sleep “experience”

  1. Holiday email

Extra hour?

Save 10% on mattresses.

Casper’s email subscribers had a blast at the conclusion of DST.

Mattress firms may benefit from this “vacation.” They were the only ones in my email to acknowledge the time change and offer a discount. Win-win.

If you can attract a reader’s attention for a cause other than attempting to sell them anything, you’ve reached your email marketing sweet spot. Humans adore hearing from others.

Casper’s rival is…



Leesa’s sign-up form was easy to find near the bottom of their webpage. I enjoy the inclusion of “updates and offers,” which gives me a better picture of what to anticipate from their emails.

Although I generally recommend collecting extra information from a new subscriber, including name, birthdate, or location, I believe both firms made the proper option to stick to the fundamentals.

Since they’re an e-commerce company, it’s preferable to capture the lead than ask too much of a possible consumer. Every field added decreases sign-ups by 25%.

  1. First email

Sweet dreams!

Leesa Mattress GET LEESA $150 OFF

Leesa uses current lifestyle photos, whereas Casper uses artwork. Leesa promises “deeper slumber,” “beautiful dreams,” and “a refuge to wake up to”

Their welcome email uses vibrant colors and cause marketing to highlight their company’s beneficial influence. This is a good way to start for any firm, and it’s refreshing contrasted to an email full of mattress data.

After the welcome email, subscribers get frequent emails on Leesa’s goods.

  1. Email education

5 reasons to buy a Leesa

Finding the appropriate mattress is important since you spend a third of your life sleeping.

Leesa’s product education email helps readers imagine how its mattresses would enhance their lives. This email covers a number of subjects without becoming overwhelming. This is achievable thanks to the email’s clear header, but it may be improved with a clear CTA button. Potential consumers should always know what to do next.

CEO’s letter

Virginia Beach greetings


Great original thinking. Customers adore seeing the faces behind their favorite items. I liked Leesa’s CEO’s emotional email about starting the firm.

The branding and design are lacking. It doesn’t include the same photographs I’ve come to anticipate from Leesa, and I definitely would have skipped this one if I wasn’t looking for it.

Holiday email

No rest for sinners?


This post’s subject line and gif were so smart that colleagues crowded around my desk.

It’s simple to mention the holidays in Christmas emails, but how can you tie it to your brand? Innovation! This was Leesa’s best post; I hope they keep it up.

Timing and cadence

When should you email? It depends on the question.

Casper and Leesa demonstrate this notion effectively by sending emails after 4 p.m. That’s when I start thinking about a new mattress. This simple-yet-brilliant technique bends “the rules” for your brand.


Who wins this email battle? From inventive subject lines to festive shoutouts, it’s a difficult decision.

Leesa offers serious messages and uses cause marketing, however their design and voice could be more consistent. I’d want to see this company develop a stronger identity through lifestyle photography.

Casper’s brand identity is consistent from start to finish and throughout emails. They have a distinctive design style and smart brand voice. I’d want to see them optimize their efforts by acquiring more client data and using segmentation and automation. Teamwork!