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How to Write Effective and Genuine Customer Appreciation Emails

Thanksgiving isn’t the only occasion to express appreciation.

Your customers keep your company functioning all year. You have a 60% to 70% likelihood of selling to a current client vs a 5% to 20% chance of selling to a new one.

A sincere customer gratitude email may help you build a solid connection.

However, writing the right email to demonstrate your concern is difficult. Your language, design, and product must be current and timely.

This article will go through the best practices and suggestions for sending customer gratitude emails. It will also give you with a collection of examples to help you with your gratitude campaigns.

What is the significance of customer gratitude emails?
Customer retention relies heavily on appreciation emails. Eighty percent of organizations feel email is important for client retention.

Email is successful because it is a more personal manner of communicating with others. Personal messages may be used to express your gratitude for their business and commitment.

You don’t have to contend with clogged newsfeeds and untrustworthy algorithms. Email allows you to communicate directly with your consumers.

Furthermore, email is brimming with novel technologies for automating and personalizing every communication you send. Rather of sending the identical customer gratitude email to each subscriber, utilize data to provide the most appropriate message possible.

5 best practices, suggestions, and examples for customer gratitude emails
Writing the ideal customer gratitude email is difficult. You must consider each person’s requirements and mental condition. For ideas, refer to the suggestions, best practices, and examples provided below.

  1. Write in a nice, warm tone.
    The time has passed for formal or technical language. Using a nice and conversational tone in gratitude emails may assist almost any industry.

On that perspective, simple language always triumphs over verbosity. You may structure your gratitude emails in two ways:

Short and punchy (fewer than 100 words)
Longer and more heartfelt (200 words or so penned by a specific team member at your company, like the head of sales or marketing)
Take into account your audience, context, and purchasing history. Loyal customers may appreciate the kind note. A long letter, on the other hand, may make potential clients feel untrustworthy.

Shona Joy issued this thank-you email to consumers, urging them to participate in social media. It encourages users to suggest a front-line healthcare professional or someone who deserves a gift card with relevant material about the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Customer appreciation email thanking first-line healthcare workers.

2. Don’t forget their birthday

Birthdays are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your appreciation for your consumers. Birthday emails have a 50% open rate on average. That’s very significant.

Like a greeting card, keep your birthday emails basic and image-heavy. Make sure to send a significant gift, such as a 40% off voucher.

With a belated birthday present, Subway pierced through the clamor of birthday greetings.

Offer a gift in your customer appreciation email.
  1. Send a birthday customer gratitude email
    You may also commemorate your brand’s birthday by sending a customer gratitude email. Let them know you appreciate their business and are looking forward to another year.

Include statistics from the previous year. Show your consumers how they helped you succeed.

You should also describe how you’re paying it forward. Fifty percent of global customers believe themselves to be belief-driven purchasers. To put it another way, people conduct business with firms who share their socioeconomic beliefs. Use this as a chance to promote your good acts, community assistance, or outstanding employee treatment.

Fitbit’s 10-year anniversary gratitude note was nicely personalized.

Pen a heartfelt message in your customer appreciation email.
  1. Send a customer gratitude email after specific milestones are reached
    You don’t have to wait until your company’s anniversary to send a thank-you email to customers. Thank your consumers for each step of the road. Examples include:

Obtaining a certain quantity of social media followers
exceeding a certain quantity of total consumers
achieving a goal (like enrolling a specific number of students or donations)
Remind consumers how they have helped you succeed. Include a single CTA in your email as well, such as a link to your social network profile, a registration form, or a donation link.

Everyone enjoyed Spotify’s annual wrap-up, which included their top artists and songs from the previous year.

Celebrate milestones in your customer appreciation email.
  1. Make consumers feel like they are a part of something greater than themselves
    Sometimes the internet may seem chilly and lonely. Use your customer gratitude email to remind recipients that they are a part of something larger than themselves. This method is extremely beneficial for non-profit projects. Make an emotional connection with your audience by demonstrating the impact of their gifts throughout the year.

Include photographs or other forms of multimedia to engage and excite your audience. Make them feel warm and cuddly.

Use a customer appreciation email to remind subscribers they’re part of the greater good.

The perfect customer appreciation email can help you retain loyal customers by showing you care.