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5 Ways to Freshen up the Contents of your Newsletter

Newsletters are ideal for communicating with your readers and disseminating relevant information. If you’re becoming tired with the present contents of your newsletter, you’ve come to the correct spot.

In this piece, we’ve compiled a list of over a dozen email-refreshing suggestions for you. Prepare to ramp up your marketing.

That leaves plenty of space in their inbox for you to interact with your audience. Consider the sort of material you’ll supply to various parts of your audience, as well as how you’ll provide it to them.

  1. Create an RSS feed or a custom feed.
    RSS feeds make it simple to automate the contents of a newsletter so that blog entries may be shared on a weekly or monthly basis.

Why not take it a step further and provide your subscribers with a customised RSS feed?

Zapier has a custom RSS feed tool that allows you to simply create tailored feeds for various subscriber groups. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) allows users to sign up for many newsletter subjects, each with its own feed.

adding a custom RSS feed to the contents of a newsletter
  1. Examine your cadence and periodicity.
    Nearly 60% of respondents claim they unsubscribe from mailing lists because they get too many emails.

Send out a poll to see how often subscribers would want to hear from you. Include a link to a preference center in each email so that subscribers may change their choices.

Whatever you decide, make it consistent so that people don’t forget they signed up.

improving the contents of a newsletter
  1. Incorporate some interactive elements
    There are various ways to include interactive material in your email campaigns:

Quizzes, Polls, Surveys, and Games
Many companies have experimented with include review options in their emails.

Because it stimulates participation, interactive material is enjoyable for subscribers and beneficial to marketers. Wendy’s provided an interactive salad menu in the email below.

  1. Experiment with live material Live content has two important purposes: it shows urgency and keeps members informed.
interactive features in the contents of a newsletter
  1. Experiment with live material Live content has two important purposes: it shows urgency and keeps members informed.

Countdown clocks, for example, are ideal for:

promoting event tickets for early birds
Getting subscribers excited about upcoming events
Notifying subscribers of the expiration date of a coupon
Informing subscribers how many seats or merchandise are still available
To urge readers to RSVP to their New York event, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra included a countdown timer in the email below.

countdown timer in the contents of a newsletter
  1. Direct your subscribers’ attention around the email.
    Marketers are usually curious about the optimal email layout. A single-column style works well for mobile browsers.

Instead of focusing on style components, how about directing your subscribers’ gaze down your email?

Consider what UNICEF accomplished in the contents of this newsletter. An inverted pyramid points to their key call-to-action in the first part (CTA). If a subscriber continues to scroll, they will see a Z layout that moves back and forth on the screen.

layout for the contents of a newsletter
  1. Highlight your mobile app
    Why not make the most of every valuable pixel of real estate in your newsletter? You may add a banner inviting users to download your app in the same way that you would offer room at the bottom for your WhatsApp or event promotion.

At the bottom of most of their emails, Adidas provides a banner link to their app store.

promoting apps in the contents of a newsletter

Everyone’s newsletter could use a refresh now and again. Layouts get stale. Content becomes stale. Trends shift.