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This is why you are single – in your email marketing journey.

That conversion rate number in analytics is low.

Your conversion rate seems really low in comparison.

“It’s making you mad.

The reason your conversion rate is so important is if you have a high conversion rate, you get more leads and sales with your website traffic.

That’s why we’re gonna find out why. So buckle up for the five reasons your conversion rate sucks.

You’re attracting the wrong type of person.

This is fairly common though. The process goes something like this: some will have a look at some keyword search volumes and say, “Oh, there’s loads of search volume for that particular phrase.” “I wanna make some content on my site” “I wanna target some ads” “I wanna get my page ranking for that particular keyword.” 

When they do that, they get lots of traffic for that keyword, but hey, guess what? It turns out that none of that traffic is particularly relevant.

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You’re using the wrong channel to maintain your communication.

Conversion rates can be very different according to different channels. 

For example, someone who is looking for a locksmith and they go onto their phone because they stood outside their front door, it’s  pouring rain, the keys just snapped off in the lock. They type in locksmith and they click on the first ad. The conversion rate from someone like that is going to be really high, like potentially 20% and upwards. 

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Whereas someone who’s scrolling around Facebook and happens to see an organic post from a locksmith company and clicks through to the website, their conversion rate is going to be much lower because they’re not in the time of need.

The great deal here is spending time marketing on the channels that your audience aren’t really on. 

For most small or medium-sized businesses, their time and money is a very finite resource, so it makes the most sense to go right to where the audience is. 

You’re rushing into becoming an official couple.

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Last time you bought a car you probably found one online and you clicked arrange viewing. What didn’t happen is the dealer then immediately sent you an invoice for the car and asked how you’d like to pay. 

Right? Too much, too soon.

Sometimes, websites go in for the kill too early as well. Particularly if you’re selling something that involves a bit of a consultative sale. Using the wrong wording in your call-to-action can kill your conversions dead. 

Your website doesn’t offer chocolates and flowers.

This is the most difficult reason to identify because as businesses we are so wrapped up and we’re so absorbed in what we sell, that’s it’s very difficult to see what we sell from an audience’s perspective.

Sometimes it’s not actually about the fact that people don’t want you to sell, it’s about the fact that you’re not bringing out the benefits and the things that they actually do want in what you sell. 

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Your website is ugly.

It’s not uncommon for us to be sent to a website and we can guess immediately that it’s been homemade. 

Sometimes, a homemade website can actually increase conversions and it can be endearing. Sometimes, it can work really well. But if you’re in a competitive space against other sites, which are really nicely designed, then it’s only going to make your site look worse. 

First impressions matter. People judge books by their covers. Get your website looking good.


If you observed that you have all the attributes above and are already affecting your conversion rates and deliverability, it’s time to take action in order to more forward campaigns. Thus, you will not be single in your email marketing journey.

Remember, a conversion is when somebody lands on your website and does the thing you want them to do such as buying a product. They can vary from being at 0% to as high as 40%.

To learn more how to improve your conversion rates, check the crash course video below.