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If You Run a Boring Business – Content Marketing Tips for Not-Content-Friendly Industries

Content marketing is exceptionally effective and has the highest ROI amongst all the top marketing methods.

Content marketing is exceptionally effective and has the highest ROI amongst all the top marketing methods. It’s worth looking into various tips and methods on how to keep it useful According to statistics, content marketing generates six times more conversions than other methods. It also creates three times the leads of outbound marketing at only 62% of the cost. Sounds amazing, right?

Yes, but you shouldn’t forget that this strategy will work only if the content you offer through your blog and email newsletter is engaging and interesting enough, not only to retain your current subscribers but to recruit more.

This may not sound like much of a challenge for businesses that sell things like healthy foods or cool gadgets. They can produce tons of content which will keep people interested, such as recipes, healthy eating tips, gift ideas, etc. But what if your business specializes in manufacturing metal parts for heavy machinery? What kind of interesting content can you offer then?

This is a problem that stops many businesses benefiting from the goldmine that is content marketing. It’s a huge mistake because businesses in ‘boring’ industries have a better chance of obtaining loyal subscribers than recipe-writers, which are swamped with competition. It’s because of the current lack of content that consumers have a need for information.

Of course, articles about which metal alloy is the best to use for moving parts in heavy machinery won’t have as many readers as a chocolate cake recipe, but the readers that you do get will be more ‘lucrative’. In other words, the people you target with this content have a greater interest in doing business with a company that offers this kind of service. So providing information of this nature boosts your chances of making conversions exponentially. The trick is to present this content in such a way that it will inspire people to subscribe and to keep following (read ‘doing business with’) you.

4 marketing tips on how to create interesting content for boring industries

how to create interesting content for boring industry

1. Educate people through content

No matter how boring your industry is, people work in it and there are things they need to learn. Therefore, you can engage them through educational posts and emails that will teach them those things. The first step you need to take is learning how to create educational marketing content. This will allow you to understand how to present mundane facts and instructions in the form of stories.

Next, check out some examples of educational emails to see how these content creation rules can be applied in real life. However, don’t get too focused on any particular example. You need to develop your own ‘voice’ to make your writing unique and interesting. Think about the novels you like. How many times were you more enthralled with the author’s style than with the actual plot of the story?

This is the kind of style you need to create in order to build a loyal audience for your blog or newsletter. While you’re at it, you should also look up different methods of generating new subscribers. You’ll need to be proactive in marketing your content. Relying on Google Search results alone and then just hoping that people who find your website will actually subscribe will get you nowhere.

2. Interview interesting people

There are celebrities in every industry as well as various experts whose opinions matter to your targeted audience. Interviewing those people and posting reports about events in which they participate is another form of content that you can use for a boring industry.

Be aware that it is very important to choose these people and events carefully. Base your choice not upon who is interesting to you but on your buyers’ personas. This will be the key to your entire content strategy’s success.

The better defined these are, the easier it will be for you to create content that they will appreciate. They might not love it (let’s be realistic, hardly anyone will wait on a mining tech convention report with giddy anticipation), but the important thing for you is to persuade your subscribers that your content is valuable and to follow you because of it. If you struggle with developing detailed buyer personas, read this post.

3. Add some humor

Everything is better when said with a smile so be sure to infuse your marketing content with humor. Ever wonder how you can make a comparison of paint composition formulae fun? Actually, you can’t, but that’s no reason not to include an anecdote about ‘how that inferior paint job left a trail of blue woe all the way from the garage to the office after falling foul of the merciless November rain’. In other words, you can make the reader smile even when the topic is anything but funny. This content marketing tip is especially helpful towards the younger generation who currently communicates solely through short humoristic videos and pictures.

4. Use real-life examples everywhere

Make your marketing content easy to understand and very specific. Real-life examples and personal experience stories are your best tools for making boring topics relatable for the audience. Relatable is good in this instance because it shows people exactly why your content is important and useful for them.

All in all, creating content for a mundane industry is challenging but not impossible. You really only need to focus on making something that people actually need and adding a dash of humor into the process.