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How to Make the Summer Email Campaigns More Effective

Check out our simple but useful tips and craft email campaigns that carry the feel of summer.

The lazy hazy days of summer are no time to slack on your email campaigns. You can use this time to refresh, re-energize and re-organize your content, goals, lists and more. Use this time of the year to connect with your subscribers along with other ways to make your summer email campaigns really stand out. Here are 8 easy tips to help you get started:

1. Adapt the email templates design for summer

Refresh your content by using different colors, patterns, and fun visuals such as juicy fruits. You want your email content to reflect the energetic spirit of the season. Bring joy and connect with positive ideas.

2. Introduce Holiday Themed content

This is always a great way to feel inspired throughout the year, but especially in summer as many of your contacts will be in the mood to celebrate and take advantage of any great deals, offers or information you have to share with them.

3. Summer email campaign subject lines

Depending on your business, a catchy summer subject line can add some real punch to your campaigns and help increase your open rates. Be creative, remember to keep the subject line relatively short for mobile phone use and try out Elastic Email’s powerful A/X testing feature to find out what works best!

4. Offer summertime tips and advice

Along with whatever promotion or newsletter, you have to share, add some great, useful summertime tips for your readers. How often to apply sunscreen, pool safety tips, and a reminder to stay hydrated are examples of how you can kindly share additional useful information with your contacts.

5. Show the Love

What a great time to give something away for free! Summertime customer appreciation is a wonderful way to give back and help keep your busy subscribers engaged with your mail. It doesn’t have to be your main product. Sometimes adding something small, but useful, might be the best idea. For example, if you sell coffee, sending to your existing customers a special coffee spoon or other related gadgets will make them very fond of your company. People love to be positively surprised.

6. Using autoresponders? Take a little time to review the process.

This is a great time of year to make sure your sign up process is working, easy and has up to date content and format. Now’s the time to ensure that everything is in top-notch condition before a busy fall season. Go through your own automated email lists. Receive and check them all. Ask friends or coworkers for feedback. Doing a survey is also a good idea. Ask customers if they liked those emails, was it something missing there, or maybe too much? This is a good time for optimizing automation process.

7. Organize a contest for subscribers

A lively way to keep people reading your mail is to have a contest of some kind and offer a great prize! Keep it light and fun. Not every email has to be serious. Not every single one of them has to bring big profits. Take care of your subscribers, prepare something for them. Let them feel that they are special or you.

8. Increase the number of campaigns

You might have a regular schedule of mailings that you stick to, but summer is a great time to add one or two more. You can offer additional information on subjects you know your contacts are particularly interested in or send that separate mailing that includes an exclusive offer.