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How These Four Brands Released a Product During COVID-19

With the changes that come with a worldwide pandemic like COVID-19, it’s tough for many businesses and marketers to determine what business as usual should look like.

So our question is, how do you tackle new product introductions during a crisis?

While some firms have positioned their launches to be effective during this epidemic, it will not be appropriate for other companies or goods.

VSCO introduces new storytelling elements to promote interaction

VSCO (Visual Supply Company) is regarded by film and photography specialists worldwide as one of the foremost authorities in composing, capturing, editing, and displaying visual images. It is perhaps best known for the VSCO app, which has gained a household brand because to famous Instagram hashtags such as #vscogirl.

VSCO exposed its audience to a revolutionary new feature, “Montage,” focusing video creation and narrative, in its product release on March 22, 2020.

newsletter from VSCO announcing their new Montage feature
Source: Really Good Emails

In the middle of COVID-19, Digiday announces its ideals, difficulties, and changes

The publishing company Digiday, which caters to the advertising, retail, and fashion industries, puts its best foot forward with a single word: “Adapt.

The message’s overall subject of adaption is influenced by the unveiling of Digiday’s new website and membership services:

Digiday newsletter exploring the coronavirus landscape while announcing new site
Source: Really Good Emails

Hardgraft respects its viewers by allowing them to pause

While not precisely a product launch, Hardgraft takes the time to interact with its subscribers and offer them the choice to delay mailings about new items.

Though some may be concerned about the financial implications of extending an offer to halt emails, it’s a really easy method to demonstrate that a company is thinking about its consumers in an age where empathy is essential.

newsletter from hardgraft giving the option to pause emails

Nisolo helps its audience by providing free materials and gradually announcing its newest arrival

Nisolo has always had a loving spirit that seeps through every message as an online business focusing on fair trade and livable salaries for those in its supply chain.

This product introduction email is notable for focusing first on the company’s subscribers and their emotional well-being. Nisolo does not reveal its new slippers until later in the email. It treats each line with care and respect for its audience and the times in which we live.

newsletter from nisolo that explores coronavirus landscape while launching their new slipper


In the present coronavirus climate, it’s difficult to understand how many businesses can justify introducing a product. Given these excellent examples, here are some crucial aspects to remember from this post:

  • Always consider your audience and consumer first—what they’re going through, how they live, and how they’ll interpret your message.
  • Consider the amount of attention paid to your new product—is your messaging too self-serving? Is it genuine and in line with the present environment? If you answered yes to any or both questions, how can you pause or adjust?
  • Adapt your product offering, marketing language, and availability—consider how the product would be seen in a vacuum, and ask your team if there are any opportunities to pivot the launch.

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